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FBI arrests Jan. 6 rioter IDed with help of facial recognition and a throwback Eagles hat

By 37ci3 Jan31,2024

WASHINGTON — A New Jersey man who wore a Philadelphia Eagles T-shirt during a Jan. 6 riot was arrested by the FBI this week after online “resurrection hunters” identified him through facial recognition and Facebook photos from a 2020 family trip. was arrested by pumpkin patch.

Lee Giobbie, a 40-year-old financial advisor from Eastampton, New Jersey, was arrested Tuesday and charged with several federal crimes, including felony charges of civil disturbance and obstruction of official process. Giobbie, federal authorities allege, “move the doors!” On a bull before the barricades on the east side of the Capitol were breached. Later, he shouted in front of the crowd, “Put, push, push, push!” They broke through another police line and then helped breach the Capitol building by pushing open the east doors leading to the rotunda, authorities said.

“We need something to break down the door!” Giobbie said open-source video also shows Giobbie pushing a police shield during the chaos, according to the FBI.

Lee A. Giobbie, 40, Eastampton, New Jersey
Lee A. Giobbie, 40, of Eastampton, New Jersey, on January 6, 2021, in Capitol.DOJ

Giobbie was “one of the first rioters to enter” and “aggressively pushed the Rotunda Gate as police actively tried to defend him,” authorities said. Inside the Capitol, Giobbie was briefly detained by an officer and eventually left the Capitol through a door on the west side of the building, according to open-source evidence collected by the FBI and online detectives. Giobbie did not immediately respond to a message left for him at work.

Online sleuths identified Giobbie in 2022 and reported him to the FBI that year, and then provided additional information about Giobbie in 2023. They found the 2020 family photo from a trip to the pumpkin patch posted a few months ago on January 6. which Giobbie was wearing the same Philadelphia Eagles pants the FBI said he was wearing on January 6th.

Moment FBI testimonyciting the help of confidential human sources, provided both a photo comparing it to a small mole or freckle on Giobbi’s right cheek seen in a professional work portrait of Giobbi, as well as high-resolution photos of Giobbi taken on January 6. Small facial cues can help confirm. matches produced by facial recognition, a tool that helped the FBI in cases against hundreds of Capitol rioters and proved invaluable to online sleuths who identified hundreds of additional rioters like Giobbie.

Lee A. Giobbie, 40, Eastampton, New Jersey
The FBI used this facial recognition to help identify Lee A. Giobbie, 40, of Eastampton, New Jersey.DOJ

The version of the Eagles logo featured on Giobbi’s cap was used by the organization from the late 1980s until 1996, when the modern Eagles logo was introduced. The throwback logo, used when the Eagles wore Kelly Green jerseys rather than their current midnight green, has proven to be quite popular with Eagles fans like Giobbie, who also roots for the New Jersey Devils, according to social media posts.

The Eagles got off to a good start when they made the trade re-introduced Their old logo and Kelly Green jersey before the 2023 season. Eagles players wore throwback jerseys this season against the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. Fanatics, the ubiquitous sportswear manufacturer, has struggled to stock a throwback version of legendary Eagles center Jason Kelce’s jersey, which is selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

The Eagles, of course, weren’t the only sports team whose gear was visible in the Capitol riots. The former Boston K-9 officer charged in the attack, for example, was wearing “a beanie with the logos of several Boston sports teams” to the Capitol on Jan. 6; two accused rioters wore Washington Capitols uniforms; another convicted rioter wore a New York Yankees hat; an accused Georgia man wore a Georgia Bulldogs hat; A Michigan man who pleaded guilty was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt and a stuffed “internet pornography identity” Detroit Red Wings were known to scouts online as #RightWingRedWing because of their gear.

The FBI has arrested nearly 1,250 people in connection with the Capitol attack, and nearly 900 have pleaded guilty. online”mischief hunters“We know the names of hundreds of additional rioters who have not been arrested.

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