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Weekend campaigning for Biden, Trump and Haley

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President Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Nikki Haley joined the campaign trail over the weekend with the primaries in both parties fast approaching.

Biden went to South Carolina, here he attended the state Democratic Party’s First in the Nation luncheon Ahead of the Palmetto State’s Feb. 3 Democratic primary. Biden highlighted the work he has done to support black Americans and said that democracy is “for the first time in a long time really under threat.”

Meanwhile, Trump traveled to Las Vegas on Saturday for a rally ahead of the state’s Feb. 8 caucuses (which, as a reminder, includes Haley. February 6 primary instead of caucuses, he won’t win any delegates awarded by the results of those caucuses).

Trump focused much of his speech on the southern border, but only briefly referred to it On Friday, he must pay $83 million in restitution NBC’s Jake Traylor called it “election interference” as part of a defamation lawsuit against writer E. Jean Carroll.

Haley held two rallies in her home state of South Carolina, which will host the February 24 GOP primary. He stepped up his attacks on Trump, imploring him to “chill out” and debate him and criticizing his “nervousness.” NBC’s Sarah Dean.

Dean also reports that the Haley campaign raised $4 million last week, her campaign’s biggest fundraising week, $1 million in the 24 hours after the New Hampshire primary, $1.6 million after Trump threatened Haley donors, and news He said he won 1.4 million dollars between. A proposed RNC resolution declaring Trump the presumptive nominee.

In other campaign news…

Three presidents enter the fundraiser: It’s Biden’s campaign a “headline grabbing” fundraising effort Enter NBC’s Carol E. Lee, Monica Alba and Kristen Welker, featuring Biden and former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Biden vs. Trump: The New York Times investigates Biden’s plan to take on Trumpincludes reaching out to Taylor Swift for potential endorsement.

It’s the economy, stupid: White House officials say they are “increasingly confident.” the situation on the ground can speak for itselfAs the economy improves, NBC’s Christine Romans writes.

Donor drama: He was invited to Trump and Haley’s campaigns Meet a group of GOP donors this week According to the New York Times, it is known as the Alliance for American Opportunity. And donors behind America’s Prosperity Action have been notified, Politico reports the group will continue to support Haley in South Carolinabut Trump would be hard to beat.

Friends in down (country) places: The New York Times investigates why Haley is Little public support from South Carolina officials.

Living by prayer: Republican pastor Ryan Binkley told Politico his longtime presidential bidnoting, “Obviously I’d like to win some votes.”

Looking for a home: Sen. Joe Manchin, DW.Va., who is not seeking re-election this year, is still considering a run for president on a potential third-party ticket. and sees the role as a national symbol in a “fiscally responsible and socially compassionate” environment,CNN reports.

The advertising wars continue: Senate Majority PAC, a group that supports Democratic Senate candidates, hosts its own First TV commercial bookings in Montana and Nevada In support of Democratic Sens. John Tester of Montana and Jackie Rosen of Nevada, Politico reports.

Border negotiations: Sen. Krysten Sinema, I-Ariz., has not said whether she is running for re-election, but her potential opponents valued his role in a potential bilateral immigration dealNBC’s Alex Tabet reports from Phoenix.

Preheated: Ahead of the New Jersey Senate primary, embattled Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez and First Lady Tammy Murphy will face off. is considering a way to appear on the ballot alongside President Joe BidenAlthough the president does not plan to vote in the primary, Politico reports.

Red to Blue: Democratic Congressional Campaign The committee nominated 17 House nominees for the Red to Blue programSupporting his Democratic challengers, NBC’s Sahil Kapoor reports.

Offensive line: Republicans are taking the illegal immigration and migrant crisis as their main line of attack against former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi.RN.Y., who participated in the special elections to replace the ousted Rep. George Santos.

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