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Ukraine faces a ‘make or break’ year on the battlefield, as another Trump presidency looms

By 37ci3 Jan28,2024

Nigeria’s Foreign Minister Yusuf Tuggar also said that his country “strongly condemns the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, but I think it has moved beyond that now.”

Like other countries Demon — released in March a 12-point peace proposal Aimed at ending the war, which was considered very favorable to Russia by the US and its allies, and India took a more neutral position, Russia increased its energy trade purchases at a discount on world markets with Western countries buying less.

“I call them neutrals,” said Karin von Hippel, director general of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a London-based think tank. “Countries that play both sides when making energy deals with Russia and support Ukraine.”

After transferring Russian economy At war, Putin increased the production of military equipment and organized the supply of arms and other support. Iran and North Korea.

Without funding from the US and its Western allies, Ukraine’s long-term fighting capacity is uncertain.

“If the United States cuts all military aid and Europe follows suit, it is highly unlikely that Russia will occupy all of Ukraine,” the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War said in a report last month. “The high price of losing Ukraine.”

“Such an outcome would bring a battered but victorious Russian army to NATO’s border from the Black Sea to the Arctic Ocean,” he noted, adding that Russia “could pose a major conventional military threat to NATO for the first time since the 1990s.” “. .”

the president Vladimir Zelensky has previously vowed to “take back its territory and its people,” including Ukraine Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014 and east Donbas region, where his forces began fighting Moscow-backed separatists that same year. The Kremlin annexed the region last year.

Any talks could be politically difficult for the once-brave world leader, as his country has seen less public attention since 2011. Israel-Hamas war erupted in October.

Speaking to reporters in Davos, Zelensky warned that the funding cuts would be a “terrible, terrible experience” with Russia. “I wouldn’t recommend any experimentation with it,” he said.

Although he said that “Ukraine will work with whoever is elected” in the United States, he added that “radical voices really scare the society in Ukraine” and noted that these voices constitute a “significant part” of the Republican Party, including Trump.

Perhaps his best hope would be to secure Biden’s second term. Also speaking at Davos, Biden’s campaign co-chairman, Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said: “We’re not going to say, ‘You have to negotiate with Zelensky.’ We are committed to the security and sovereignty of Ukraine. We will support Ukraine to keep the territories it has and make progress as far as it can.”

For von Hippel at RUSI, “America’s position remains the decisive factor.” If there was a contract, it “must include security guarantees,” he said.

“This will be a big year for Ukraine,” he said.

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