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Biden to center democracy in campaign pitch

By 37ci3 Jan13,2024

President Joe Biden’s campaign unveiled new plans on Tuesday Claim that Trump is a threat to democracySaturday speech in Valley Forge, Pa., to mark the third anniversary of the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, NBC News’ Megan Lebovitz reports.

Biden’s deputy campaign manager, Quentin Fulks, said during a press conference Tuesday that Biden “will make a direct case for democracy and freedom — two powerful ideas that unite the 13 colonies and that generations throughout our nation’s history have fought and died for a stone’s throw away.” remains central to the struggle we’re in today,” Lebowitz said.

The Biden campaign plans to focus on threats to democracy throughout the 2024 campaign, Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said: “Our message is clear and simple: We’re running a campaign like the fate of our democracy depends on it.” Because it does.”

While Biden made his case on Saturday, Trump will be in Iowa for two ralliesAccording to NBC’s Jake Traylor.

In other campaign news…

Debate Drama: CNN announced Tuesday that Trump, DeSantis and Haley each qualified for the network’s January 10 debate In Iowa. NBC’s Jake Traylor reports that Trump will attend instead live town hall event with Fox News. Host Vivek Ramaswamy announced that he would be counter-programming the debate live podcast interviewAccording to NBC’s Katherine Koretsky.

Dem drama: It will be Biden The lone Democratic candidate on the primary ballot in North CarolinaThe Associated Press reports that the state election board decided on this on Tuesday. Minnesota Democratic Representative Dean Phillips sharply criticized the decision during his lengthy primary, likening the move to the Iranian elections. Write on X“I would have never imagined that the Democratic Parties of Florida and North Carolina would use Iran’s tactics to secure the outcome of the election.”

99 counties, twice: Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy on Tuesday “Double Grassley,” after NBC News’ Alex Tabet, Lindsey Pipia and Katherine Koretsky visited every county in Iowa twice reporting on the Republican presidential nomination.

A Tale of Two Steves: Steve Scalise, the leader of the majority of the House of Representatives, said about it on Tuesday he is backing Trump in the GOP primaryy, even after Trump did not endorse Scalise’s failed speaker bid. And former Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King announced his support for Ramaswamy. (King lost his 2020 primary after being suspended from his committees for making racist comments.)

Lieberman Unlabeled: Former Senator Joe Lieberman, founding chairman of No Labels, told CNBC about it the group appeals to potential candidates “At the moment, no one is saying ‘No’, but no one is saying ‘Yes, I am ready to declare.'”

More claims: Sen. Bob Menendez, DN.J. meets with more allegations as part of a second superseding indictment According to NBC’s Tom Winter and Dareh Gregorian, Menendez was reportedly involved in helping a New Jersey programmer get investment from a Qatari-linked company. Menendez has not yet announced whether he will seek re-election this year.

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