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Haley navigates her rise ahead of first contest

By 37ci3 Jan12,2024

Days before the Iowa caucuses, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley got some good news Thursday from a new Suffolk University poll. Hawkeye moves up to second in statethough still trailing former President Donald Trump by more than 30 points.

for Haley, The Iowa caucuses are about setting no expectations, NBC’s Natasha Korecki, Katherine Doyle, Garrett Haake and Matt Dixon report. He has consistently said he wants a “strong” showing in Iowa and other early states, but has not specified what that would look like.

“We don’t know what strong looks like until we see the results, do we?” Haley told NBC News on Thursday. “But I think if we show that we’re strong in Iowa, that will give us a boost going into New Hampshire. That’s what I’m focusing on for Monday.”

Haley has pulled close to Trump in New Hampshire, and she may draw support from supporters of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has dropped out of the race. Thursday, Haley He rejected Christie’s comments He was caught on hot mic telling NBC’s Haake and Olympia Sonnier that he was going to “smoke” and that it “wasn’t that much.” ?”

Meanwhile, the battle between Haley and Trump is heating up on New Hampshire airwaves ahead of the Jan. 23 primary. SFA Fund Inc., a super PAC supporting Haley. released a new ad Taking a more aggressive swipe at Trump, one narrator said, “One tantrum after another, his entire campaign is built on revenge.”

And the Trump campaign introduced a new ad Targeting Haley over Social Security, there are comments that she supports raising the retirement age to receive benefits.

In other campaign news…

Discharge: Biden’s advisers they encouraged him to loosen up to allay concerns about his age, NBC’s Monica Alba and Mike Memoli report. “That means more informal remarks, unannounced stops at diners and appearances on social media posts and podcasts, and fewer ties and Rose Garden ceremonies,” they write.

Abortion policy: This is reported by the Associated Press abortion was not a major issue before the GOP caucuses In Iowa, which is unusual for a state with so many evangelical voters. But its absence suggests GOP candidates and voters are worried the issue could be a problem for Republicans in 2024.

Impeachment Policy: GOP candidates are mostly there Not bringing up the House GOP impeachment inquiryChecked in on Biden on the campaign trail, NBC’s Jake Traylor reports.

Trump’s trial: Trump He spoke in court in New York On Thursday, after closing arguments in the civil fraud trial, he addressed the judge, calling the case a “fraud against me,” according to NBC’s Adam Reiss and Dareh Gregorian. The judge said he hopes to rule on the case by January 31.

Trump’s speech: NBC news Analysis of Trump’s posts on social networks NBC’s Gregorian and Jasmine Cui found that the former president’s posts focused more on his legal problems than on his presidential campaign, and that his attacks on the judiciary would increase around major decisions.

Accepting Trump: Democratic group American Bridge 21st Century It is planning a 140 million dollar advertising campaign According to the Washington Post, featuring voter testimony, it is “aimed at reminding women and working-class voters why they voted against Trump in 2020.”

Looking for a candidate: No Labels, a group considering a third-party presidential campaign if the election comes down again to Biden vs. Trump, He is actively involved with the former governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie joining the band’s ticket, NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard and Shaquille Brewster report. Meanwhile, former Maryland governor Larry Hogan goes away Hillyard reports that from his role in the group.

A growing electorate: Asian American voting population increased by 15% since the last presidential election periodThat compares to a growth rate of just 3% among all eligible voters, NBC’s Kimmy Yam reports.

Colorado home battle: Rep. Richard Hudson, D-North Carolina, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, told reporters Thursday that Rep. Lauren Boebert, D-Colorado, has decided to seek re-election in a different, more Republican district. Gives Republicans a “better chance.” in keeping his chair.

Plan your vote: NBC News’ new interactive tool has all the information you need vote no matter where you live.

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