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‘I’m staying in the race’

By 37ci3 Jul5,2024

the president Joe Biden Friday at a campaign rally in Wisconsin, a key battleground state, he said Staying in the 2024 presidential race and last week expressed confidence that he would defeat former President Donald Trump despite concerns about his disastrous debate performance.

“You probably heard me arguing a bit last week. I can’t say it was my best performance, but there’s been a lot of speculation since then: ‘What’s Joe going to do? Will he stay in the race? He will go, what will he do? Well, that’s my answer, I’m running and I’m going to win again,” Biden told a cheering crowd in Madison, the state capital.

Biden said that people are trying to get him out of the race.

“Let me be as clear as I can be: I will stay in the race!” Biden said. “I will defeat Donald Trump.”

Biden first misspoke and said he would beat Trump again in 2020, and then appeared to correct himself, saying, “We’re going to do it again in 2024.”

“I learned a long time ago that when you fall, you get back up,” he said, adding that he won’t let the 90-minute controversy erase his successes over the past three-and-a-half years.

As Biden faced Calls for withdrawal from the 2024 race, Democratic allies say he needs to run a stronger campaign to prove he can be re-elected. Party members and donors alike will look to speeches like Friday’s to gauge Biden’s fitness for office.

Earlier in the speech, Biden mocked Trump for his verbal stumbles, noting that Trump had said that George Washington’s army had won the Revolutionary War on July 4 when he was president. taking control of the airports from the British.

“They’re talking about how I misspoke,” Biden said. “Airports and the British in 1776. True, he is a stable genius.”

Biden also faced his age directly prompt shows is the main concern of voters seeking re-election.

“Do you think I’m going to see Roe v. Am I too old to take Wade back across the country? Do you think I’m too old to ban assault weapons again? To protect Social Security and Medicare? ” he asked a series of call-and-response questions to which the audience shouted “No!” they answered.

His final question: “You think I’m too old to beat Donald Trump?”

As the audience chanted “no” again, Biden added, “I can hardly wait.”

Now 81, Biden will finish his second term in 86. Trump, 78, is almost as old as Biden, but polls show voters are more concerned about Biden’s age.

A New York Times/Siena survey A post-debate poll found that 74% of voters thought Biden was too old for the job.

Throughout his speech, Biden attacked Trump with lines he used during debates and previous campaign events. He claimed the former president “had the morals of an alley cat” and was a “one man crime wave”.

The Biden-Harris campaign marked the event as one in which the president would “highlight the stakes of this election for our democracy, our rights and freedoms, and our economy.” It was his fifth trip to state this year.

While he was in Madison, Biden etchour for an Interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos It is scheduled to air on Friday at 8pm ET.

After the interview, Biden told reporters that he “absolutely rules it out” when asked if he would graduate. He said he was “positive” he could serve another four years, adding that he had spoken to “at least 20” members of Congress who told him to stay in the race.

The president also said he was “absolutely, now” committed to renegotiating with Trump. The second of the two planned presidential debates is scheduled for September.

Following Biden’s widely publicized debate performance last week, the campaign has made clear that it is ramping up general election activities throughout July, including an “aggressive travel schedule led by President Biden.”

Biden the day after the June 27 debate He held a rally in Raleigh, USA, where he was cheered by enthusiastic supporters of the president. Speaking more forcefully than he did during the debate, Biden told the crowd, “I know I’m not young. I don’t walk like I used to. I don’t talk like I used to. I don’t argue like I used to, but I know what I know — I know how to tell the truth!”

This month, the President, Vice President Kamala Harris, First Lady Jill Biden, and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will travel and campaign across the country, including in each battleground state, to promote the administration’s accomplishments.

Biden will speak at the NAACP and UnidosUS conferences in Las Vegas as the Republican National Convention takes place July 15-18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harris will perform at the 30th ESSENCE Culture Festival in New Orleans on Saturday, the campaign said.

The campaign said it is investing in a $50 million paid media blitz during the month that will target large audiences like those for the RNC and the RNC. The 2024 Olympic Games will begin on July 26.

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