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Biden says he’s ‘in this race to the end’ amid growing calls to drop out

By 37ci3 Jul3,2024

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  • The Democratic congressman wants to “make sure” Biden is “capable” of doing the job


  • Kornacki: New national poll shows Harris is doing better than Biden in a matchup with Trump


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    Biden said he was “in this race until the end” amid growing calls to drop out


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    Democrats are voicing concerns about Biden as the congressman calls on him to step down


  • Kornacki: New poll suggests Biden’s debate performance fueled concerns about his age


  • President Biden feels ‘humiliated’ after debate performance


  • VP candidate Doug Burgum praises Trump’s debate performance: Full interview

    11:04 a.m

  • Doug Burgum says he will accept the 2024 election results if they are ‘free and fair’


  • Warnock refuses to say whether VP Harris would be the strongest replacement for Biden as a candidate


  • Doug Burgum says that “Roe v. Women are not “safe” after Wade’s overturn


  • Doug Burgum says the VP talks are between him and Trump


  • Warnock says Biden doesn’t need to undergo cognitive test: ‘It’s nothing… I’ve even thought about it’


  • Senator Warnock says Biden should not drop out of the race “completely” after the debate


  • Sen. Warnock defends Biden after tough debate performance: Full interview


  • Biden will address the campaign with his family after a tough debate performance


  • Obama cabinet official: ‘After last night, the possibility of this has decreased [Biden] will win’


  • Chuck Todd: ‘Definitely going to be a long summer’ amid Biden debate outcome


  • Trump’s press secretary refuses to answer about Melania’s debate with the former president


  • Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s primary loss sends “shock waves” throughout the Democratic party


  • Biden should not be drawn by [Trump’s] The Democratic governor says that antics during the debate


NBC News White House Correspondent Monica Alba, NBC News Chief National Political Correspondent Sahil Kapur and New York Times Chief Correspondent Peter Baker look behind the scenes as President Biden looks to reassure the White House and campaign staff after his poor debate performance. explains. Meet NOW Press to discuss what this means for the presidential race, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Ben Wikler.

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