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Rudy Giuliani is disbarred in New York for spreading Donald Trump’s 2020 election lies

By 37ci3 Jul2,2024

WASHINGTON – Rudy Giuliani, the disgraced A former New York mayor who tried to overturn former President Donald Trump’s election loss was ousted from office in New York state on Tuesday, further backlash for a team that spread lies about massive voter fraud following Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential victory.

Giuliani is indicted Georgia and Arizona and one an unindicted conspirator In a federal election interference lawsuit brought against Trump by special counsel Jack Smith, there was no “good faith basis” to believe his lies about the election, according to an order entered Tuesday. Some of the false statements cited by the New York appeals court were comments Guiliani made at a post-election press conference. Four Seasons Total Landscapes At the same time, some new publications called for an election for Biden.

“These false statements were made to properly bolster respondent’s narrative that victory in the 2020 United States presidential election was stolen from his client due to widespread voter fraud.” decision He read from the New York Court of Appeals.

Giuliani has faced wider backlash than Trump himself for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. He also recently faced disbarment in Washington, D.C., where the D.C. Bar Association’s Board of Professional Responsibility recommendation Giuliani should be removed from office.

In May, Giuliani was suspended by WABC radio and canceled the show This could potentially expose the station to legal liability for continuing to make false statements about the 2020 election.

The two Georgia poll workers were Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss He received a prize of 148 million dollars by a jury after a federal judge convicted Guiliani of falsely accusing them of election fraud, allegations with zero factual basis. Giuliani falsely accused the mother-daughter duo of passing the USB drives because of a surveillance video that sent conspiracy theorists online. “Like vials of heroin or cocaine” actually when you walk past the ginger mint. The allegations sparked a wave of racist attacks and threats against the couple.

During the New York disciplinary hearing, Giuliani made the case that thousands of votes were not actually cast in the names of people who died in Philadelphia during the 2020 election, as he falsely claimed. The judge overseeing the trial stated in the order that the “16 acts of fraud” committed by Giuliani were intentional and constituted a clear pattern of conduct designed and designed to deceive.

The decision also accused Giuliani of trying to deceive officials during the disciplinary process.

Giuliani’s spokesman, Ted Goodman, called the decision “politically and ideologically corrupt” and “flawed.”

Barry Kamins, Giuliani’s former judge and attorney, said his team was “reviewing our appeal options” and that “Mr. Giuliani is obviously disappointed with the decision.”

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