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Pressure grows on Biden campaign after debate disaster

By 37ci3 Jul1,2024

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  • Trump calls the Supreme Court’s decision a “huge victory” for the constitution and democracy


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    The pressure on the Biden campaign is mounting after the debate disaster


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    Protests in upstate New York after the police shooting of a 13-year-old boy


  • In a major victory for Trump, the high court ruled that he has immunity for his actions while in office


  • Cities across America are launching drones for fireworks in a patriotic battle for the skies


  • A boy throws out the first pitch at the Nationals, hits a homerun in awareness


  • More than 100 dolphins were rescued after a low tide left them stranded off the coast of Cape Cod


  • Steve Bannon in private before his prison sentence


  • Boeing Starliner crew remains in space after delay


  • New details on the horrific nail salon accident that killed four people, including an NYPD officer


  • As the pressure mounts after his debate performance, Biden returns to the campaign trail


  • The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that the six-week abortion ban will go into effect


  • The families of the victims of the Uvalde school speak about the arrest of the former police chief


  • The top US gymnasts are competing for 5 spots on the Paris Olympic team


  • Black voters react to Biden-Trump debate


  • Biden says he’ll stay in the race after a rough night of controversy


  • In the Jan. 6 case, the high court narrows down who can be charged with obstruction


  • Some Democrats are calling for Biden to drop out


  • The Uvalde school accused the police chief of improperly responding to the shooting


  • More storms are forecast as Midwest rivers remain at major flood stage


Pressure is mounting on the Biden campaign after the president’s much-criticized speech at last week’s debate, which many Democrats called a disaster. In Vogue magazine, first lady Jill Biden said “we will continue the fight”. House Democrats told NBC News they are waiting for votes from swing districts before making a decision. NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell reports.

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