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Biden is ‘not capable’ of serving as commander in chief

By 37ci3 Jun30,2024

North Dakota’s GOP governor, Doug Burgum, is widely accepted short list Former President Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee on Sunday said President Joe Biden “cannot serve” as commander-in-chief.

“Biden … is, you know, unable to serve right now,” he told NBC News’ Meet the Press days after Biden and Trump met for the first presidential debate of the election cycle.

“All of America saw it,” Burgum said, “and our enemies saw it.” Putin saw it. Xi saw this. Ayatollah saw this. I mean, the nation — we continue to talk about the election, we’re at greater national security risk today than we were on Thursday because the commander in chief has demonstrated his inability to serve.

Burgum’s comments come days after Democrats struggled to spin Biden’s lackluster performance, which some in his party acknowledged in the debate. he called bullshit and muffled.

The governor also answered questions from moderator Kristen Welker about whether he had talked to Trump about joining him as his running mate on the ticket.

“That would be between the president and me,” Burgum replied, going further than before by admitting that he had talked with Trump about potentially serving as vice president.

NBC News reported this month that Burgum still in Trumpshort list GOP Sens. Potential candidates joining Marco Rubio and JD Vance.

The governor was also asked whether Trump would accept the results of the upcoming election, regardless of who wins.

In the debate, the former president said he would accept the results “if there is a fair, legal and good election – absolutely”.

“I would take more [the 2020 election results]”, he added, before unfoundedly claiming voter fraud in the 2020 elections.

On Sunday, Burgum echoed Trump, saying he would accept the results of Trump’s presidential election “if it is free, fair and secure.”

“Everything we all have come to expect, whether you’re an independent, a Democrat or a Republican [are like] “It’s an election in North Dakota that people don’t object to because we have safe elections, and I think that’s what we need all over this country.”

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