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House committee to vote on holding Biden’s ghostwriter in contempt

By 37ci3 Jun26,2024

WASHINGTON – The House Judiciary Committee plans to vote on the measure this week President Joe Bidena dreamer who was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents and other materials related to his work on the president’s memoirs.

Vote on a resolution targeting writers Mark Zvonitzer Thursday morning, just hours before the first debate of the 2024 campaign between Biden and former President Donald Trump. The resolution is expected to advance along party lines.

In it report The GOP-led committee, which released the contempt recommendation, said it requested documents and communications related to Biden’s memoirs — “Promise Me, Dad” and “Promise” — in February, days after special counsel Robert Hur released his report. Declines to recommend charges against Biden for handling classified documents.

The committee requested documents and communications related to the Huron report, any contracts or agreements related to the ghostwriter’s memoir, documents showing proof of payment, as well as audio recordings and transcripts of any interviews or conversations between Zvonitzer and Biden or his staff. did For memories between Zwonitzer and Biden.

The committee said that Zwonitzer’s attorney had previously indicated that he would provide the documents, but later said that Zwonitzer would not cooperate without a subpoena. The committee issued the subpoena in March, which the panel said Zvonitzer’s attorney objected to.

A Biden campaign spokeswoman and Zvonitzer’s attorney did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday.

Republicans in Congress have been trying for months to obtain audio recordings of Biden’s October interview with Hur. President last month asserted executive privilege on the records.

At the Democratic Judiciary Committee in March has been published full transcripts From Biden’s interview.

Hur said in his report that Biden would be sympathetic to the jury and would be able to present himself as a human old man with poor memory,” an assessment that Republicans tried to use against the president during the campaign for a second term. Hur also said the evidence “does not establish Mr. Biden’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

If Thursday’s contempt resolution moves forward as expected, the next step will be a House vote.

The Republican-controlled House Attorney General Merrick voted to hold Garland in contempt this month for refusing to hand over the recordings. The Ministry of Justice refused to file contempt charges against him.

Rebecca Kaplan reported from Washington and Zoe Richards from New York.

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