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Rep. Bob Good says he will try to block certification of his GOP primary as he trails challenger

By 37ci3 Jun24,2024

Rep. Bob Goode said Monday that his campaign will file a legal challenge to try to “block the certification” of the Republican primary in one of the key cities in Virginia’s 5th District.

NBC News he didn’t call The race is between Goode, chairman of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus, and his Republican challenger, state Sen. John McGuire, who currently holds the one-party lead. several hundred votes after the election last Tuesday.

Good claimed Monday during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast that Lynchburg, Va. “did not provide dropdown boxes”.

“There is no accountability for when these boxes were opened,” Goode said. “Apparently, they were left to be filled for two or three days after the election.”

“We will be filing a legal challenge in the next few days to demonstrate that Lynchburg, the largest city, cannot be certified,” he said.

Neither Good’s campaign nor Lynchburg’s board of elections chairman immediately responded to a request for comment.

Okay He complained about X Last week, on the day of the election, there was a fire in three polling stations. “What’s the probability? Does anyone remember even if there was 1 fire in the polling station on the day of voting?”

Given the close margin, the race between Goode and McGuire could be headed for a recount. If the difference between the candidates is less than 1 percent, the candidate can request a recount Virginia state law. If the margin is less than half a percentage point, states and cities will pay for the recount, otherwise the candidate will have to pay the costs.

Goode appears to be preparing for that eventuality, telling Bannon, “I hate to be rude about it, Steve, but we’ve exhausted our resources to win this primary. We think we’ve won the primary, even though it’s at a great cost. need help funding, certification issue, hand count issue, a paper ballot match for that.

In the interview with Bannon, Goode also criticized the support of McGuire by Republicans such as former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, though he did not mention that former President Donald Trump also supported McGuire.

“Look, look who is supporting the opponent. Namely Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Eric Cantor types, swamp people, RINOs, endless wars for them, loyalty to the industrial military complex. This is what funded my opponent. This is what supports my opponent. He would vote very differently than me in Washington.”

Well, he’s at risk of becoming the first member of Congress to lose to a primary challenger this election cycle. The winner of the GOP primary in Virginia’s 5th District will have a big advantage in the general election.

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