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How Biden and Trump are preparing to debate

By 37ci3 Jun23,2024

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  • Biden’s campaign co-chair says he doesn’t know why the president is losing Latino voters


  • South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem says she has not been formally vetted to be Trump’s running mate.


  • Gov. Noem: ‘I Won’t Talk’ About Redacted Kim Jong-Un Book


  • ‘The sky is blue … and Donald Trump is a convicted felon’: Biden team reviews debate strategy


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    How Biden and Trump are preparing for the debate


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    GOP Gov. Kristi Noem says Trump doesn’t need to “get personal” with Biden during debate


  • Gov. Kristi Noem says there can’t be a ‘blanket approach’ to January 6 pardons: Full interview

    12:34 p.m

  • Biden campaign co-chair looks at the president’s debate strategy: The full interview


  • Bernie Sanders is campaigning with embattled Rep. Jamaal Bowman


  • Biden campaign calls ‘cheap fake’ viral videos released by Trump team


  • Trump is recruiting local rappers to boost support among black voters


  • Chuck Todd: The first debate will give candidates a chance to reach voters outside their ‘bubbles’


  • Why June 10th is both a “holiday” and a “memorial day.”


  • FEMA ‘open’ to legal push to recognize extreme heat as major disaster


  • Russia and North Korea pledge to defend each other: ‘It should not be underestimated’


  • Senate GOP blocks attempt to pass law banning stock gains after SCOTUS ends Trump-era rule


  • Parents of Americans taken hostage in Gaza: “Time does not favor hostages or a ceasefire agreement”


  • The Democratic lawmaker says social media platforms require “more comprehensive regulation.”


  • Virginia Rep. Bob Goode is trying to outrun Trump and McCarthy’s primary challenger


  • Social media companies respond with ‘silent’ response to surgeon general’s call for warning labels


President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will soon have the earliest general election debate in history. While Biden spent the weekend preparing for the debate at Camp David, Trump aides say the former president will spend debate week meeting privately with advisers at his Florida mansion as part of a more informal debate preparation process.

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