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Biden campaign lays out debate week strategy in new memo

By 37ci3 Jun23,2024

WASHINGTON – The The Biden campaign and allies plan to hold 1,600 events and launch new TV and digital ads ahead of Thursday’s presidential debate, which they called “one of the first moments when a larger portion of the American electorate will engage with the campaign.” According to a new memo first obtained by NBC News.

Events include a nationwide mobilization of surrogates, events targeting groups the campaign considers important to its coalition, such as members of the LGBTQ community and college students, and 300 people. debate night see parties.

Some of these watch parties will be hosted by social media content creators – which the campaign says will grant access to a post-debate room normally reserved for credentialed media.

That pre-debate campaign Monday, the campaign and its allies called for the Supreme Court’s Roe v. It will begin when he will hold 16 events in dozens of states to mark the second anniversary of his decision overturning Wade, including Vice President Kamala Harris in Maryland and Arizona.

The Biden campaign is trying to frame the debate as “two different visions for the future,” pitting the likely candidates against each other in a razor-thin race with voters less than five months away from voting.

Voters will see President Biden, who is fighting for the American people, and Donald Trump, who will go to the stage. a convicted felon No matter how much it harms the American people, he is fighting for himself,” said Michael Tyler, spokesman for the Biden campaign.

Tyler, Roe v. Pointing to the end of Wade, attacks on democracy and economic plans, he outlined the key issues on which Trump “continues to pose the most extreme threat.”

Moment An NBC News poll from April a majority of registered voters — 23% — said inflation and the cost of living were the most important issues facing the country. But the same poll found Trump ahead by 22 points when voters were asked which of the two men would be better at dealing with the issue.

Biden has spent several days at Camp David preparing for Thursday’s debate, including going toe-to-toe with his personal attorney, Bob Bauer, who plays Trump. Bauer also played Trump in the run-up to the 2020 debate.

Bauer is joined by a number of Biden confidants working to prepare the president ahead of the debate, including former chief of staff Ron Klein, campaign chair Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and White House senior adviser Anita Dunn.

Trump holds informal policy sessions before the debate. The campaign official also said Trump’s rallies and interviews showed “elite tolerance,” adding that the former president “doesn’t need to be programmed by the staff” like Biden.

The race to the Oval Office is neck and neck, the poll shows Fox News survey As of last week, it showed Biden at 50% of registered voters, while Trump at 48%, well within the poll’s margin of error.

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