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State jury convicts David DePape in attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband

By 37ci3 Jun22,2024

A man who attacked Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer during a 2022 burglary at the couple’s San Francisco home has been found guilty by a state jury, the Associated Press reports.

David DePape has already been convicted on federal charges on October 28, 2022, attacking Paul Pelosi and DePape. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison In this case.

According to the AP, a grand jury indicted DePape on first-degree burglary, false imprisonment, threatening a family member of a public official and aggravated kidnapping.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Washington at the time of the robbery and was unharmed.

Paul Pelosi testified in federal court On recess, she asked him, “Where’s Nancy?” He said he was awakened by a “very large man” with a hammer and a zipper.

When DePape wasn’t looking, Paul Pelosi managed to call 911 and the police. Officers arrived and found DePape and Pelosi with their hands on the hammer DePape was holding. Officers ordered the hammer to be dropped, and DePape then struck Pelosi in the head.

At that time, 82-year-old Pelosi suffered a fractured skull.

In state court, San Francisco Public Defender Adam Lipson told jurors in closing arguments that DePape lived a lonely life and went down a “rabbit hole of propaganda and conspiracy theories” before the robbery and attack. This was reported by the Associated Press.

During the state trial, Lipson told jurors that DePape was guilty of three counts, but prosecutors did not present evidence to charge him with threatening a family member of a public official and aggravated kidnapping.

It was DePape was convicted in in November federal case was convicted in May of assault and attempted kidnapping.

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