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Democratic National Convention to credential social media influencers for first time

By 37ci3 Jun21,2024

The Democratic National Convention will open its doors to social media content creators this summer. announced in a news release on Friday The media credential request process will be available to such influencers for the first time.

To connect with younger audiences, the convention will give credentialed creators full access, including opportunities to interact with surrogates and VIP attendees, logistical support, and creative freedom to organically share the convention experience with their audience.

Offering the same access as traditional media outlets, the convention aims to bridge the gap between the ever-evolving content creation space and mainstream journalism, said Cayana Mackey-Nance, the convention’s director of digital strategy.

“Creatives have revolutionized the way Americans consume information and content, and their innovations will continue to play an important role in how the American people view not just this election cycle, but every election cycle going forward,” said Mackey-Nance.

On August 19, the 4-day Democratic National Convention will take place in Chicago. The convention committee said in a statement that it is committed to engaging diverse audiences through diverse platforms.

Matt Hill, the convention’s chief communications officer, added, “We’re meeting Americans where they are and making sure they know what’s on the line in November, no matter how or where they view their content.”

NBC News has informed the Republican National Committee and former President Donald Trump’s campaign about their plans for the nominating convention. Trump, the presumptive nominee, has used his social media site Truth Social extensively to attack Biden, other Democrats and perceived enemies of the former president, and has also influenced the Republican Party with criticisms and endorsements from its members during the election cycle. .

The Republican National Convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wis., over four days beginning July 15.

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