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Russia and North Korea pledge to defend each other: ‘It shouldn’t be underestimated’

By 37ci3 Jun19,2024

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  • Parents of Americans taken hostage in Gaza: “Time does not favor hostages or a ceasefire agreement”


  • Senate GOP blocks attempt to pass law banning stock gains after SCOTUS ends Trump-era rule


  • Virginia Rep. Bob Goode is trying to beat Trump and McCarthy’s primary challenger


  • FEMA ‘open’ to legal push to recognize extreme heat as major disaster


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    Russia and North Korea pledge to defend each other: ‘It should not be underestimated’


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    The Democratic lawmaker says social media platforms require “more comprehensive regulation.”


  • Social media companies respond with ‘silent’ response to surgeon general’s call for warning labels


  • The Biden campaign is planning to increase reproductive rights ahead of the anniversary of the Dobbs decision


  • Democratic-Republican Hanna to skip Netanyahu’s address: ‘I’m not going to give a one-sided lecture’


  • Rep. Ro Khanna says Biden is running out of time to win back young voters: Full interview


  • ‘I’d have the ability to step in’: Rep. Donalds says he’s ready to be Trump’s VP.


  • Rep. Byron Donalds says Supreme Court should step in on Trump’s hush money deal: Full interview

    12:37 p.m

  • Biden will take executive action to protect undocumented spouses of US citizens


  • Michael Imperioli says that the cast of “Enemy of the People” watched the video on January 6 to prepare for the scene.


  • ‘Gut-wrenching effects of climate change’: WHO climate advisor on heat deaths and floods


  • What Trump told Capitol Hill Republicans and CEOs about taxes


  • Hispanic Caucus Chair: Enforcement-Focused Border Action ‘Not Working for Latino Voters’


  • The Southern Baptist Convention opposes IVF


  • FMR says the security deal demonstrates America’s “long-term support” for Ukraine. US Ambassador


  • House votes to hold AG Garland in contempt of Congress


NBC News International Correspondent Janis Mackey Fryer, NBC News White House Correspondent Monica Alba and NBC News International Correspondent Matt Bradley meet NOW to report on the new defense pact between Russia and North Korea and the escalating tensions between the United States and the United States over the status of military aid. be Israel.

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