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Jan. 6 rioter Chuck Hand loses GOP primary runoff in Georgia’s 2nd District

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WASHINGTON – Georgia defendant serving 20 days in jail for Jan. 6 Attack on the US Capitol In Georgia, he was defeated in the primary runoff for a seat in the Republican House of Representatives. Associated Press projects.

Charles Hand III or Chuck Ali, by former Trump administration official Wayne Johnson, Democratic Rep. Sanford lost while fighting to face Bishop in the general election in an all-blue district. Both candidates advanced to the runoff after failing to win a majority of the vote in the May primary.

Crowds at the Capitol
Charles Hand, foreground, second right, holds a mask over his face at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.US District Court

Hand dropped out of the discussion earlier this month Former candidate Michael Nixon, running against Johnson, brought up the criminal history of his wife Mandy Robinson-Hand, a co-defendant in the Jan. 6 case. Like federal prosecutors noted In a 2023 sentencing letter in the Jan. 6 case, Robinson-Hand was previously convicted in 2008 of possession of oxycodone with intent to distribute and use of a communication device in the commission of a felony. On January 6, in his case, Hand accepted As rioters battled police on the west front of the US Capitol, he “broke off a piece of metal fencing and put it in his back pocket.” Inside the Capitol, he admitted to seeing rioters fighting officers and “going toward an argument,” but his wife pushed him away.

Hands up, prosecutors he wrote In his sentencing letter, he “participated in the riot on January 6, despite seeing rioters attack the police and destroy property around him. Later, noting his participation in the riot, he told his wife, ‘It was perfect timing, as I said. a. to be part of history!’. He then encouraged his wife not to give up and to ‘Deny it, deny it’.

Side by side with a metal fence and a Hand holding an object in a back pocket
Charles Hand admitted that he “broke off a piece of metal fencing and put it in his back pocket”.US District Court

Hand also has a history of DUI arrests in 2005 and 2010. In a letter to the judge who handed down the sentence in the January 6 case, Hand wrote, he wrote although he is now sober, he “forced” his wife into his truck more than 10 years ago after drinking and “almost took her life because of my bad decision.” Robinson-Hand, her husband wrote, “went into a coma and life support with her body mangled and dismembered.” She was bedridden and confined to a wheelchair for years, Hand wrote, adding that she “single-handedly turned her life around.”

More than 1,400 people have been charged in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, and prosecutors have so far convicted more than 1,000 defendants. More than 540 defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from short sentences, like those given to Al and his wife. 22 years in federal prison For the leader of the Proud Boys was found guilty of sedition.

It was a hand is one of several candidates Involved in the January 6 attack, who nominated his candidacy across the country this year.

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