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Rep. Byron Donalds urges Supreme Court to ‘step in’ on Trump conviction

By 37ci3 Jun16,2024

Florida GOP Rep. Byron Donalds on Sunday urged the Supreme Court to hear former President Donald Trump’s New York case. He was judged on 34 articles falsifying business records.

“Speaker [Mike] Johnson, myself included and many Americans believe the Supreme Court should step in on this issue,” Donalds told NBC News’ “Meet the Press” Sunday.

His comments follow Johnson’s This was reported by Fox News that the Supreme Court should hear the case.

“There are a lot of things to come, but I believe the Supreme Court should step in. Obviously, this is unprecedented,” Johnson told “Fox & Friends” shortly after Trump’s conviction.

Trump’s legal team has vowed to appeal his conviction, but New York has appellate courts that must review the case before it goes to the Supreme Court.

Donalds cited the lengthy appeals process in New York on Sunday as a reason for the Supreme Court to begin work earlier.

He called the case against Trump an attempt to “interfere” in his election campaign.

“This is done for political purposes. Everyone knows how the court system works in New York. The only ability for it to be repealed will be in two or three years,” Donalds told moderator Peter Alexander.

“So what happened in lower Manhattan was election interference,” he said.

The Donalds are widely reported to be at the home of former President Donald Trump a short list of potential vice presidential candidates.

At an event in Michigan on Saturday, Trump told a crowd: “[Donalds] is on the list of potential vice presidents. Anyone want to see it? I saw that your name is very high on the list.

Asked Sunday if he would be ready to serve as captain if needed, Donalds said: “I think I’ll have the ability to step in. I’m actually pretty smart. I can handle problems really, really well. It is about judgment. It is about the flow of logic. It’s about how you decide at the end of the day.”

He added: “I believe in myself 100%, I do, and you know, we’ll see what President Trump decides. Whatever he does, I will support him.”

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