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Biden campaign rakes in $28 million ahead of star-studded Los Angeles fundraiser

By 37ci3 Jun15,2024

The Biden campaign and its allies raised $28 million as part of a campaign announced Saturday, breaking the record for the Democratic Party’s largest fundraising event.

The mass call was announced a few hours before the president Joe Biden former President Barack Obama is set to attend a fundraiser in Los Angeles along with actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts and comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

“This Saturday we will see unprecedented and record-breaking action from the worlds of media and entertainment,” campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg said in a statement. “The enthusiasm and commitment to Biden/Harris could not be stronger. We all understand that this is the most important election of our lives.”

A campaign official said the money “will be used to raise funds open officeslaunching paid media campaigns to recruit organizers and communicate directly with voters”.

The Biden campaign continued to accept donations in the hours leading up to the fundraiser, so the final tally may not be known until Saturday evening.

NBC News contacted the Democratic National Committee to ask if the event broke fundraising records. NBC News could not independently verify the claim because fundraising numbers were not immediately available in Federal Election Commission data.

Figures given for Saturday’s fundraiser are the total reported raised Fundraising in New York Many celebrities participated in March. That fundraiser went in 26 million dollarsThe Biden campaign said it was the largest Democratic fundraiser to date.

Like the New York fundraiser, the Los Angeles fundraiser will feature a comedian-moderated conversation between the presidents. Jimmy Kimmel will moderate the conversation between Biden and Obama. During a fundraiser in March, Stephen Colbert moderated a conversation with Biden, Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

There’s Kimmel was open about her son’s heart disease, and a campaign official said her son “benefited from Affordable Care Act protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions.” So is Kimmel praised The impact of the ACA on how physicians serve patients.

A campaign official said Kimmel’s conversation with the presidents will be about “the interests of this election.”

The The Biden campaign With the most recent available FEC report ending in April, more than $84 million in earnings dominated the money race compared to the money race. The Trump campaignetc in the same period was more than 49 million dollars.

The Trump campaign he said he and his allies have raised more than $34 million after conviction last month. NBC News cannot independently verify this claim because May’s FEC filings are not yet available.

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