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What to know about mifepristone access after the Supreme Court ruling

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On Thursday, the Supreme Court approved the entry abortion pill mifepristone. The ruling was a victory for abortion access advocates, but laws governing access vary across states.

Food and Drug Administration approved mifepristone In 2000, the drug for abortion. In 2016, it extended the time frame during which a pregnant woman can use the drug to terminate a pregnancy from seven weeks to 10. in 2021, moved to grant permanent access to mifepristone prescriptions via telehealth and for dispensing the medication by pharmacists and mail order pharmacies.

However, the right to obtain mifepristone does not apply in every state.

“The input has not changed as it was before the decision. The point is, access is still difficult for a number of pregnant people,” said Dr. Monica Saxena, an emergency medicine physician in Palo Alto, California.

How long can you use mifepristone during pregnancy?

About two-thirds of abortions in the United States are medical abortions report by the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that supports abortion access. Medication abortions consist of taking two pills: mifepristone, followed by misoprostol a day or two later.

Mifepristone is approved for use up to 10 weeks or 70 days of pregnancy. However, some doctors may prescribe it outside of that time frame, a practice called off-label use, said Dr. Reagan MacDonald-Mosley said. for abortion and contraception.

“Off-label use is not uncommon with any drug,” McDonald-Mosley said. “The provider has made an evidence-based decision to provide this drug in a way that is different from what is on the label.”

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommendations for mifepristone Although the FDA approves use up to 10 weeks of pregnancy, “there is also evidence to support safe and effective use in more advanced pregnancies.” For example, in Sweden, mifepristone is used up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. According to Guttmacher.

Do I need to see a doctor in person to get mifepristone?

As with all abortion access, it depends on where the person lives. According to Guttmacher14 states have near-abortion bans, including medication abortions within state lines, with or without in-person visits.

In other states, telehealth laws have muddied the waters when addressing mifepristone.

According to Guttmacher, five states — Arizona, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina and Wisconsin — have laws requiring in-person visits to get mifepristone. In 15 states, medicines should be given by doctors and not by pharmacists or nurse practitioners. Two states, Arizona and North Carolina, have also banned abortion pills from being mailed.

Can you get mifepristone via telehealth?

Roe v. In the first year after Wade was overturned, telehealth providers administered 8% of all abortions. according to one report From the Family Planning Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching safe access to abortion care.

President and CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health, an OB/GYN and abortion provider in Washington.

“This drug is safe and effective, I can give it to you, or you can get the pills online or get them through telehealth,” Perritt said.

FDA does warnings are included about some people for whom mifepristone may be dangerous, including those who have had an ectopic pregnancy, those who have had an egg implant outside the uterus, and those who take blood thinners.

As of December 2022, the FDA estimated that approximately 6 million women in the United States were using mifepristone. Using the agency for 22 years 32 deaths were recorded associated with it, including its use in two ectopic pregnancies and several cases of sepsis.

Can you buy mifepristone in a state where abortion is illegal?

Almost all states with abortion bans have life-threatening rape, consanguineous or pregnancy exceptions. But navigating within the legal framework it can be difficult for both doctors and patients.

“It’s still legal to travel for abortion care,” McDonald-Mosley said, noting that people living in states with almost complete bans are allowed to legally travel to states where abortions are available. It is legal to have an abortion if you can afford it.

People also sometimes order drugs online, for example from places Plan C and AidAccesswho mails the pills — but McDonald-Mosley said people should be aware of the legal consequences they could face in their state.

So-called in some states where abortion is legal shield laws protect providers who prescribe abortion drugs to pregnant women in states where the procedure is prohibited.

While mifepristone is medically very safe, “there may be legal risks that people need to be aware of,” he said.

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