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Trump ‘scooped’ Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sam Brown on proposing to get rid of taxes on tips

By 37ci3 Jun12,2024

Between they talk about electricity and sharks Former President Donald Trump took part in a new rally at an outdoor rally in Las Vegas over the weekend. a significant policy announcement Implications in a state with a mass service industry: get rid of taxes on advice.

Some Democrats dismissed it as Trump’s wild, unattainable promise. The powerful Culinary Workers Union, which represents tens of thousands of hospitality and hotel workers, described the former president as the “latest Johnny come” to the decades-long struggle.

But Trump appears to have picked an issue that could quickly resonate in the fast-paced Senate race.

Sam Brown – who He nominated the Republicans Tuesday and will take on incumbent Democratic Sen. Jackie Rosen — said in an interview that he planned to announce the same proposal during the general election campaign until Trump “captured” him.

“It was actually a policy idea that my team was kind of developing and we were planning to run in the general election,” Brown told NBC News. “So, in a way, President Trump has taken us over and beat us for it. But that’s something we’re completely behind. These tips are not a guaranteed income, people work hard for it.”

Calling Trump a “visionary” for taking on the issue, Brown attacked Democrats more broadly on the economy, one of the issues Republicans believe will be strongest in Nevada. Leisure and hospitality employment in Las Vegas accounting for more than a quarter of cases.

Sam Brown
Sam Brown won the Republican Senate primary in Nevada on Tuesday.Alex Tabet/NBC News

“In states like this where we have a strong service-based economy, it makes a lot of sense,” Brown said of the no-tax-for-tax proposal. “And I wonder why Jackie Rosen hasn’t brought it up and is not a champion of it.”

Rosen’s campaign spokeswoman, Johanna Warshaw, fired back at Brown, calling the pledge a distraction from what the campaign described as a tax agenda that would hurt the working class.

“Nevada workers know they can’t rely on the empty talk of self-serving politicians like Sam Brown, who try to mask their real agenda of giving more tax breaks to billionaires and corporate special interests,” Warshaw said. “Jacky Rosen supports tax cuts for business workers and all hard-working Nevadans, and that’s why he’s been fighting for years to provide tax relief and pass a broad-based middle-class tax cut, while cutting spending and raising the minimum wage.”

The race, expected to be one of the most competitive in the nation, officially resumed Tuesday after Brown’s primary election. He won the Republican nomination in a crowded field. Early elections showed President Joe Biden and Rosen, who are running in Nevada, are narrowly ahead of Brown in a hypothetical matchup.

Brown endorsed Trump in the primary at a weekend rally in the state.

Ted Pappageorge, treasurer of the Democrat-aligned Culinary Workers Union, said Rosen and the rest of the Nevada delegation have been closely involved in negotiations with the IRS to review tax rates against tax earners.

“The question is, who is actually supporting the workers and fighting for years and years and years? Pappageorge said. “Of course, it’s not President Trump and these Republicans who are missing in action.”

Pappageorge assessed Trump’s promise as an empty word and said this the courts gave advice is income, but the fight has been over taxing those who earn wealth fairly. He criticized Trump for never taking action during his four years as president, while also admitting that action did not happen during the Biden administration.

“It’s an issue we’ve gone back and forth with our Nevada delegation. This is a Nevada thing, right? he said. He noted that the late Democratic Senator Harry Reid “stood behind us on this issue. … Sen. Cortez Masto, Sen. Rosen and also Congressman [Steven] Horsford was extremely active in the retreat. And there is more work to be done.”

According to spokeswoman Caroline Leavitt, the Trump campaign did not provide specifics on the proposal other than to say that “President Trump will ask Congress to eliminate taxes on tips.” “Joe Biden Aggressively Strengthens IRS Going After Consultants.”

last year, The IRS announced a program encourage voluntary compliance in type reports, something Republicans they were quick to criticize. The Biden campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the no-tax proposal.

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