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Hunter Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen Buhle takes the stand in gun case

By 37ci3 Jun5,2024

In a brief cross-examination, Buhle detailed what life was like while he was married to her and said she did not witness his drug use.

After saying they met on a Peace Corps trip to Chicago, where they later married, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, asked what her client did for work in 2015.

“He had a business. I don’t know exactly what he’s working on,” Buhle said.

Buhle said Biden moved out of their home in 2015 “after finding the crack pipe,” adding that he didn’t think of the breakup as much as “infidelity.”

According to him, they divorced in 2017. Lowell then asked Buhle if their interaction had diminished. “Yes,” he said.

When asked how often he would search her car for drugs in the fall of 2018, Buhle recalled when her daughters would use the car and she “can’t remember the exact dates” of when she checked.

Pressed on Biden’s rehab stints, he recalled one at Crossroads in 2003. “He didn’t resist – it was his idea,” she said.

He could not specifically list the paraphernalia or the times he saw Biden using drugs.

In a brief rejoinder by prosecutor Leo Wise, Buhle said Biden told him “what happened when he found the pipe” and that “when he found the pipes in the car, he assumed he was continuing to use them.”

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By 37ci3

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