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Trump doesn’t submit paperwork for Libertarian Party nomination after soliciting votes

By 37ci3 May26,2024

WASHINGTON — Hours after former Pres Donald Trump When the libertarians were asked for their party’s nomination and votes, the party chairman said that he had not submitted the relevant documents.

“I also learned that Mr. Trump has not filed any nomination papers,” Libertarian Party Chairwoman Angela McArdle told delegates on Sunday. “But he was nominated and it’s nice to be nominated.”

A few minutes ago, The crowd at the 2024 Libertarian National Convention jeered The man who nominated Trump for consideration.

“I would like to nominate the greatest president of our time, Donald J. Trump,” the libertarian said, as the crowd of delegates roared in response.

Another man went to the microphone to argue that Trump was not eligible for the nomination, to which the crowd responded with applause and a partial standing ovation.

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign pointed to the former president’s post on Truth Social.

“The reason I’m not filing for the Libertarian Nomination is because if I wanted it, I definitely would have (anyone could tell by the cheers of the crowd last night!), As a Republican Candidate, I am not allowed to nominate another party,” Trump wrote.

The audience gave the former president a standing ovation at times during his speech on Saturday night lobby curses and insults. Certain parts of his remarks, such as his declaration that he would not start new wars while in power, were met with applause.

NBC News has reached out to the Republican National Committee for clarification on party rules.

On Saturday, Trump repeatedly asked the audience to nominate or vote for him. However, viewers were consistently hostile to the former president, especially when Trump offered to support him.

“I think you should nominate me or at least vote for me,” Trump said during a speech Saturday night. The crowd roared in response.

New York’s Conservative Party has a history of nominating Trump in 2016 and in 2020 Trump retained his nomination from the GOP party. NBC News reached out to the Trump campaign for clarification on the former president’s previous dueling candidates in the state.

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