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‘I’m really curious about the dog’

By 37ci3 May16,2024

Donald Trump told a room of wealthy donors in Manhattan on Tuesday night that he had questions about Cricket, the 14-month-old wire-haired pointer. He was shot and killed by South Dakota Governor Christie NoemAn account following Noem as the race to become Trump’s running mate heats up.

During a private fundraiser, Trump spoke about the firestorm that followed Noem’s admission in his new book that he shot his little dog 20 years ago. In sweeping remarks, Trump weighed in on Cricket’s fate and called Noem controversial, according to three sources in the room.

The governor was one of several “special guests” at the event, which included rumored vice presidential candidates Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Tim Scott of South Carolina, and Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota, each of whom was introduced by Trump. The former president also shouted out some attendees, including former New York Rep. Lee Zeldin and New York State GOP Chairman Ed Cox.

“What a week!” When Tramp reached Noah, he said, “Dog, dog!”

“I’m very interested,” Trump said, “about the dog.”

Trump told Cricket’s story — a tale that sparked a fierce public backlash — before returning to talk about Noem, his longtime ally, and striking a positive note as he expressed his continued support for him over the years.

“He’s been there for us for a long time,” Trump said. “He’s loyal, great.”

One of the sources in the room said Trump was more confused than critical about the dog controversy.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

In a text message Wednesday, Noem’s spokesman said the governor “appreciates President Trump’s words of support for his leadership during his time as Governor and is pleased to attend the event at his request.”

“Thank you for promoting Governor Noem’s NYT bestseller No Going Back – he is very proud of his success,” Ian Fury added in a text message.

While Noem has been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats, Trump has so far tried to ignore the dog controversy. During a radio interview on “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show” on Tuesday, Trump simply said Noem was “having a bad week. We all have bad weeks.”

“A few rough stories, no question about it,” he said. “Until this week, he was doing incredibly well. And it was hit hard and sometimes you read books and you have a guy who writes a book and maybe you don’t read it as carefully as you should, you know.

Hosted by billionaire Howard Lutnick, the night raised more than $10 million, two sources said. It was co-hosted by top Republican donors, including billionaire businessman John Catsimatidis, former Trump ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson, billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebecca.

Scrutiny of Trump’s possible VP picks has increased as July’s Republican convention in Wisconsin approaches and Trump spends locked hours in a Manhattan courtroom where he is arraigned and summoned each week. more support from allies.

Burgum appeared in court with Trump on Tuesday, campaigning last weekend final donor withdrawalFeaturing Rubio, Scott and others.

Noem faced a particularly grueling news cycle over her how-to story shot his unfortunate dog – so much so that the promotion shortened the book tour referring to “Bad weather.”

Noem has defended killing Cricket, doubling and tripling the decision in interviews after writing how his late pup proved to be “unteachable” and “worthless” as a hunting dog.

“We were his second chance,” Noem told Fox News host Sean Hannity shortly after the story broke. “The day he was laid down was the day he slaughtered some of our neighbors’ cattle. He attacked me. And it was a difficult decision.”

Noem then went as far suggest President Joe Biden’s dog handler, who was banished from the White House after repeatedly biting Secret Service agents, is set to suffer a similar fate.

Noem also mentioned in his book No Going Back: The Truth About What’s Wrong With Politics and How We Moved America Forward that he shot a “disgusting, musky, smelly” family goat, making unverified claims about it. He met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

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