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Trump acknowledges he told Secret Service on Jan. 6 that he would ‘like to go down’ to the Capitol

By 37ci3 May1,2024

Former President Donald Trump acknowledged Wednesday that he told the Secret Service he wanted to go to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, setting a different tone in what has become a controversial detail of testimony by a former White House aide to a House committee. investigated the attack.

In a speech at a campaign rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin Wednesday afternoon, former President Cassidy blasted Hutchinson’s account. former chief asst To former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, who appeared as a key witness in closely watched committee hearings in 2022.

Remember the guy who said, “I attacked a Secret Service agent in front of a car”? Trump said this referring to Hutchinson’s statement. “This is not my contract, I am not a fighter, I am a lover.”

Hutchinson testified this staff told him about Trump’s attempt hold the steering wheel inside an armored SUV and headed to the security detail when he learned he would not be taken to the Capitol, where a group of his supporters had gathered.

“It’s a crazy thing,” Trump said Wednesday. “I sat in the back and you know what I said? I said I’d like to go down there because I see a lot of people going down.” They said, “Sir, it’s better if you don’t do it.” I said: “Okay, I want to.” […] Whatever you think.'”

“That was the whole tone of the conversation,” Trump added.

Shortly after Hutchinson’s testimony in 2022, former President condemned him in his writings On Truth Social, she said she knew “very little” of him, “apart from hearing a lot of negative things about her (generally fake and ‘leaked’).”

Hutchinson’s account drew attention After sources said a pair of witnesses could testify under oath that the incident did not happen.

The Republican-led House panel investigating the Jan. 6 committee the report announced In March, he was accused of downplaying the testimony of other witnesses who did not corroborate Hutchinson’s account.

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