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New witnesses and contact info for Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal

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Two new witnesses took the stand Friday after former National Enquirer publisher David Packer testified in former President Donald Trump’s trial. hush money trial.

Rhona Graff, a longtime Trump aide, told the court that her contact list contained information on Stormi Daniels and Karen McDougal, both of whom she claimed had relationships with. former president In 2006. Trump denied their claims.

Graff’s testimony was followed by bank chief Gary Farrow, who said former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen helped set it up. The shell company bank account he used to pay Daniels.

Here’s what you missed on Day 8 of the trial:

Peker cross-examined

On his fourth day on the stand, Packer faced a brisk cross-examination by Trump’s lawyer, Emil Bove.

The defense tried earlier in the week to undermine Packer’s credibility as a witness by countering prosecutors’ narratives about Trump’s alleged scheme to influence the 2016 presidential election.

An eager jury took notes and watched as Packer answered questions about his recollection of meetings with Trump and Cohen as Bove tried to prove to the court that there was nothing unusual about the events and interactions highlighted by the prosecution, such as buying McDougal’s story. with no intention of publishing.

Bove sought to establish how the National Enquirer profited from the stories it bought, describing the business model for tabloid newspapers and the incentives that drove Packer’s decisions as an executive. Bove alleges that when Packer published offensive stories about celebrities or bought them for future leverage, he did so to improve his company’s bottom line.

Peker said the National Enquirer also relied on information that was already public, lifting reports from other outlets, including stories about malpractice allegations against Trump’s then-opponent 2016 GOP primary candidate Ben Carson, a former neurosurgeon.

“It was good for AMI to spread these stories,” Peker said in court.

Packer testified that AMI has not been prosecuted for what he called campaign finance violations related to how McDougal handled its earnings. Bove said Packer was able to avoid charges only because of a plea deal he made with prosecutors.

Bove quipped, “That’s why it’s called a non-prosecution agreement.

Bove later said that “the last word on what he doesn’t know is the district attorney’s office. [Pecker] was honest” and if it does not satisfy the prosecutors, it may have repercussions.

Trump had contact information for Karen McDougal and “Stormy,” documents show

Graff, who has worked for the Trump Organization for 34 years, confirmed the documents included entries for McDougal among Trump contacts years ago and simply “Stormy.”

Under questioning from prosecutor Susan Hoffinger, Graff said he “vaguely remembered” seeing Daniels on the 25th floor of Trump Tower, where Trump’s office was located at the time.

Graff said he knew Daniels was a mature actress and had heard Trump talk about her as someone who might be an “interesting” contestant on “The Apprentice,” the reality show he’s hosted for more than a decade. It starts from 2004.

While on the stand, Graff said he testified pursuant to a subpoena. Like other witnesses who have worked for Trump and been involved in his court cases, Graff said Trump paid for his lawyers. The woman, who said that she did not know how much they were paid, said that she had forgotten the name of one of them.

“Brittany — I’m sorry, her last name escapes me,” Graff said, before directly apologizing to her lawyer. “I’m sorry, Brittany.”

Cohen’s former banker testifies

Prosecutors began fleshing out new details in the case as Cohen’s former banker Farro took the stand.

He explained to Cohen how he was appointed, saying it was partly due to his “ability to work with difficult individuals”. But Farro said his interactions with Cohen never had that effect on him.

“Michael did most of his work, and frankly, I didn’t find it too difficult,” Farro said.

Prosecutors are using his testimony to corroborate documents related to the transaction between Cohen and Daniels.

Farro will take the stand again when court resumes Tuesday.

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