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TikTok faces potential ban in bill expected to pass in Senate

By 37ci3 Apr23,2024

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  • The prosecution is competing with Trump’s visions as the defense trial begins


  • The number of Chinese migrants crossing the southern border into the United States has increased


  • Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested at Yale


  • Volkswagen workers vote to unionize at Tennessee assembly plant


  • Barry Manilow makes history with his Radio City performance


  • Trump’s defense reflects his campaign style


  • The Senate is preparing to vote on new aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan


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    TikTok is facing a potential ban on a bill expected to pass the Senate


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  • Speaker Mike Johnson’s job has been threatened by House conservatives


  • Columbia University rabbi warns Jewish students: ‘Go home as soon as possible’


  • Opening statements on Trump’s criminal trial will begin


  • 25 years later, Columbine’s impact on school safety continues with long-lasting effects on students


  • A college coach surprises a basketball player by flying to his family to see him play for the first time


  • Officials: No criminal case has been opened in connection with the capture of black bear cubs removed from the tree


  • Suspected fake Botox has already been linked to adverse reactions in 11 states


TikTok faces a potential ban in a bill expected to pass the Senate. The bill would require TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, to sell its stake in the platform or face a TikTok ban. Lawmakers worry that users’ data could be exploited, while creators worry that a TikTok ban could threaten their livelihoods. This was reported by Savannah Sellers from NBC News.

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