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Biden preps event tying Florida’s six-week abortion ban to the 2024 campaign

By 37ci3 Apr19,2024

President Joe Biden will deliver a speech in Florida on Tuesday denouncing the state’s new six-week abortion ban and other efforts to limit abortion access across the country, according to Biden campaign aides who first shared details of the visit with NBC News.

At an event planned for Tampa about a week before the state law goes into effect, the president will talk about “the stakes of this election for reproductive freedom across the country.”

Biden challenged Florida’s procedural limitations in Roe v. Wade v. will tie in with other results of its 2022 overturn, including a decision last week that upheld an 1864 ban on abortion, according to Arizona Supreme Court aides.

“From Arizona to Florida, more and more Americans are seeing firsthand the devastating impact of Trump’s overturning of Roe v. Wade,” said Morgan Mohr, senior reproductive rights counsel for the Biden-Harris campaign. “While Donald Trump continues to brag about imposing these extreme and dangerous bans, President Joe Biden is trying to restore reproductive freedom. “Every time reproductive rights have been on the ballot since Roe was overturned, they’ve won, and this November will be no different.”

The event is a landmark one for Biden: While expressing his full support for abortion access, he has often looked to Vice President Kamala Harris to be the administration’s most prominent voice on the issue. Since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision struck down federal abortion rights in June 2022, Harris has held more than 80 reproductive freedom events in 20 states, including a speech in Arizona last week criticizing the state’s ban and closing in on the former president. Donald Trump’s role in allowing abortion restrictions.

On Tuesday, though, Biden will take center stage. President Roe v. He is expected to say he is proud to have appointed the Supreme Court justices who made it possible to overturn the fight against Wade, as well as to attack Trump for other comments on recently enacted state abortion bans. Biden is also expected to say Trump and his allies would implement a federal abortion ban if re-elected, although Trump has recently said he would not. instead, he said he wanted to leave the matter up to the states.

Meanwhile, the Biden-Harris campaign is hammering Republicans as more and more states restrict abortions. The campaign ran emotional ads focused on the issue and used women affected by abortion restrictions as campaign surrogates across the country.

Biden’s visit to Tampa is part of the campaign’s broader effort to nationalize the debate around abortion bans and abortion bans. The campaign sees Florida’s abortion ban as particularly noteworthy because, once enacted, the six-week ban will cover the entire Southeast, as many women in states with stricter abortion bans have traveled to Florida to seek abortions.

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