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Two seated jurors removed from Trump’s hush money trial after issues raised

By 37ci3 Apr18,2024

One of the fired jurors spoke to MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian outside the courthouse.

“Everyone was shocked, everyone froze,” said the woman, who gave her name only as Kat. He recounted the moment he and other prospective jurors walked into the room and realized they were called to Trump’s trial.

“We walked into the courtroom and saw Donald Trump … I was shocked, I was sitting in the second row, 6 feet away,” he added.

Before coming to the jury, “I wasn’t really there [follow the case]I’ve been very busy,” Kat said, but added that she became a U.S. citizen in August and, “I feel like I have a duty, I’m a citizen, and I have responsibilities.”

Asked how Trump looked in the courtroom, Kat said he looked less orange than he expected.

He added: “He doesn’t look angry or – I think he looks bored, like he wants it to be over.”

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By 37ci3

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