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Biden’s student loan forgiveness efforts breaks through with focus group

By 37ci3 Apr8,2024

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  • Michigan voters see Biden more ‘pro-union’, Trump more ‘labour’: Focus group


  • Decision makers: Swing state voters hoping to see Biden ‘be more positive’


  • Focus group: African-American voters in North Carolina unhappy with Biden-Trump rematch


  • Michigan voters worry 2024 will bring ‘hyperpartisan explosion’


  • These Trump voters support some abortion rights — they say they don’t have the right to choose


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    Biden’s student loan forgiveness efforts end with focus group


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  • ‘Old,’ ‘crazy’ and ‘racist’: Black voters in North Carolina focus group describe Trump and Biden


  • ‘Everything you have to buy is more expensive’: Erie, Pa. voters are frustrated with the economy


  • The decision makers: The districts and voters NBC News will watch in 2024


Self-identified Biden voters, Trump voters, and undecided voters all seemed aware of the White House’s efforts to reduce student loan debt in a focus group conducted with Engagious, Syracuse University, and Sago.

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