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Trump lawyers continue to press for delay in classified documents case

By 37ci3 Apr6,2024

Attorneys for former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants classified documents case They argue that the potential trial date should continue to be pushed back.

Trump’s attorneys argued in a motion filed Friday that although the 70-day period for setting a trial date begins on May 20, Judge Aylin Cannon should grant a recess to give the defendants’ lawyers time to review any other documents provided by prosecutors. .

“Discovery in this case is far from complete,” the attorneys wrote in the motion. “The defendants have requested countless additional records from the Special Counsel’s office and requested evidentiary and non-evidentiary hearings that could result in additional voluminous and potentially confidential discovery.”

Trump’s lawyers argue that the delay will give all parties more time to review and settle pretrial motions they have already filed with the judge.

“While the court considers numerous pretrial motions still pending, time will continue to accrue under the Speedy Trial Act,” the filing said.

It was filed on Tuesday after Cannon asked Trump’s attorneys to file such a motion by Friday, requiring the report to “include the positions of the defendants at all times that they may be excluded from the speedy trial and to clearly state any current plea or waiver by the defendants.” requested. trial rights with associated time frames.”

Critics of Trump and Cannon took it even further adjournment of trial will ensure that this case is not resolved until the presidential elections at the end of this year.

Palm Beach County State’s Attorney Dave Aronberg he said Cannon’s request Tuesday made it “clearer” that the Mar-a-Lago filings case “never went to trial before the election.”

Aronberg, a former Democratic state senator, added, “he always gave defense the benefit of the doubt and great respect for planning.”

The classified documents case stems from the allegations against Trump; one of his assistants, Walt Nauta; and Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort maintenance supervisor Carlos de Oliveira.

Prosecutors allege Trump kept classified documents at the resort after taking office, which they say violates the Presidential Records Act. Trump, Nauta and de Oliveira pleaded not guilty.

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