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Want Trump sneakers? Just raise $2.5 million for the former president

By 37ci3 Apr5,2024

Just people raising money for the former president at the cost of $2.5 million Donald Trump can provide a “personalized” pair “Never Surrender” high top sneakersAccording to a donor access program menu shared with NBC News by a person close to the Republican National Committee.

Rockers who hit that minimum to join the Trump Victory Trust get more than shoes: calls for monthly updates from the RNC’s “election integrity and litigation” team, VIP benefits at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee this summer, access to national retreats and “Victory ” event entry and, of course, a signature MAGA hat.

Lower levels of donations and fundraising included $834,600 for “Ultra MAGA” for the Trump 47 Committee, a joint fundraising venture that allows the former president and his foreign allies to raise cash and distribute it to his campaign coffers, the Save America political action committee. pays most of his legal fees, the RNC and several state party committees.

Team Trump 24 memberships start at $250,000, Team America First requires a $100,000 donation, Club 47 costs $50,000, and MAGA 24 costs $24,000. Each tier has some perks, but the top-tier tops are exclusive to top-tier Victory Trust packers.

A Trump campaign spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on donor levels.

Both parties have used modern campaign finance laws to create joint fundraising committees and donor access privileges that solicit and receive far more than the $3,300 limit per election that individual donors can give directly to a candidate’s coffers.

Last week $25 million Democratic fundraiser At Radio City Music Hall, attended by President Joe Biden and former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, it cost some donors half a million dollars. In return, elite donors were allowed to pose with three presidents for photos taken by the legendary figure photographer to the stars Annie Leibovitz.

First Lady Jill Biden called the event “the fundraiser to end all fundraisers.”

But it turned out to be the opening shot of a money war that would consume both parties until last November’s general election.

Trump is a guest at a fundraiser this weekend in Palm Beach, Fla., billed as a $33 million affair. A person familiar with his fundraising operation said the actual figure could be at or above $40 million. Two other sources familiar with the fundraising said that $50 million has already been allocated from donors.

Until he became the presumptive Republican nominee last month — his last opponent dropped out of a contest he was sure to win — Trump struggled to raise money. Moreover, the huge costs associated with his legal defense in four separate criminal trials and a number of civil actions have hampered his ability to spend on traditional campaign operations.

But there is reconciliation between the former president and a number of wealthy longtime GOP donors who have lost their support. Many of them are expected to attend Saturday’s event hosted by billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson.

Trump is also a “special guest” at a “spring retreat” for the joint fundraiser in Palm Beach from May 3 to 5, according to an invitation shared by a person close to the RNC. The invitation states that “only current investors” on the party committee and the “Trump 47 Committee” are eligible to participate.

Membership in the RNC’s “Eagles 168” club is somewhat cheaper – a reference to the number of RNC members. It costs just $15,000 and comes with less desirable perks, according to the document provided by the source.

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