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Biden addresses Russia-Ukraine, election security and fentanyl with Xi Jinping

By 37ci3 Apr2,2024

Had a phone conversation with President Joe Biden Chinese President Xi Jinping Tuesday morning to address U.S. concerns about trade with Russia, cyberattacks and election meddling in the wake of China’s war with Ukraine, among other regional and global issues, as well as efforts to combat drug trafficking, a senior administration official said.

A senior administration official said late Monday that the “record” call between Biden and Xi was an opportunity for senior leaders to discuss tough issues and try to ensure they manage the rivalry between the U.S. and China responsibly.

“Tense competition calls for intense diplomacy to manage tensions, overcome misconceptions and prevent unexpected conflict, and this challenge is one way to do that,” the official said.

China’s trade with Russia because that nation is waging war against Ukraine, the official said, noting that the topic has been part of diplomatic talks between the United States and China since the war began. The US has raised concerns about China helping to rebuild Russia’s defense industrial base, the official said.

The Biden administration has committed to an all-government effort to protect the election from foreign adversaries and continues to highlight its concerns with China and other countries, the official said, adding that it is not enough to take the Chinese at their word. they will take action on these and other issues, but Beijing’s efforts require scrutiny. The administration is also committed to communicating U.S. concerns about cyberattacks damaging critical infrastructure to the Chinese government.

Areas of overlapping interests include counter-narcotics, risks and security issues related to artificial intelligence, renewed engagement between US and Chinese military leaders and climate issues, the official said. In his call with Xi, Biden was expected to emphasize the need for continued progress and major anti-narcotics measures to combat the rise of illegal drug trafficking.

The challenge was also an opportunity for Biden to reaffirm that long-term “One China” policy The official said it recognizes Beijing as China’s sole legitimate government amid Xi’s efforts to reunite Taiwan with mainland China and reiterate the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

Biden may also raise concerns about China’s destabilizing actions in the South China Sea, including recent actions by the United States. Chinese coast guard ships created a danger Philippine naval operations to be routine, official said.

While Biden and Xi last spoke by phone in July 2022, the two leaders met in Bali in November 2022 and held a summit in California last November.

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