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Conservatives shell longstanding White House Easter Egg contest

By 37ci3 Mar31,2024

Few conservative publications “didn’t turn yellow” in their coverage of the annual Easter celebrations this weekend. White House About banning religious themes in the annual children’s egg decorating contest Biden administration, according to the office of the first lady.

A flyer A release by the National Guard adjutant general inviting the children of National Guard members to present Easter eggs at a White House contest has been a source of controversy, with outlets such as Fox News and the Daily Caller running stories saying the administration has banned religious themes. this year’s competition.

Indeed, this year’s brochure states that decorated Easter egg submissions “must contain no questionable content, religious symbols, overt religious themes or partisan political statements.”

But the White House and the American Egg Council have pushed back on the suggestion that the restrictions are new, saying rules banning religious symbols have been in place for years.

“The American Egg Board has supported the White House Easter Egg Roll and the guidelines for more than 45 years,” Emily Metz, president and CEO of the American Egg Board, a group that supports the White House Egg Roll, said in a statement. The language referenced in the recent news has been addressed to the board consistently across administrations since its inception.”

Similarly, the White House stressed that rules banning religious themes from eggs have been in place for decades and are not the result of a new policy by the Biden administration.

“The standard non-discriminatory language requiring American Egg Board flyer artwork has been used by all Dem and Republican Admins for the past 45 years — for all WH Easter Egg Rolls — including the previous Administration,” said Elizabeth Alexander, communications director for the first lady. he said In an article on X.

White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates said it was “not surprising” that some would “try to divide and weaken our country with cruel, hateful and dishonest rhetoric.”

“President Biden would never abuse his faith for political gain or gain,” Bates said, noting that Biden is “a Christian who celebrates Easter with his family.”

The Biden administration also took aim this Easter with a proclamation recognizing Sunday as Transgender Day of Visibility.

President Joe Biden actually did to make a declaration Adoption of Transgender Day of Visibility — Announcements announcing 11 other holidays, including Cesar Chavez Day and Arab American Heritage Month.

Since March 31, 2010, Transgender Visibility Day has been celebrated every year GLAAD. This year, Easter falls on March 31.

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By 37ci3

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