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Trump shares image depicting Biden tied up in back of pickup truck

By 37ci3 Mar30,2024

Former president Donald Trump On Friday, he shared a video on social media showing a photo of President Joe Biden tied up and held in the back of a truck.

The 20-second video, which Trump said was filmed in Long Island, New York, on Thursday, shows a truck with the words “Trump 2024” on it and a large image of Biden lying on his side tied up.

Trump was in Long Island on Thursday wake up fallen NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller.

When asked for comment about the image in the video, Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said, “This image was of the back of a truck traveling on the highway.” Cheung also accused “democrats and crazy lunatics” of calling for violence against Trump and his family, arguing that “they are actually weaponizing the justice system against him.”

Cheung pointed to comments Biden made before he announced his candidacy in 2018, when he said he and Trump went to high school “take him to the back of the gym and beat him if he hears him demeaning women.

Biden campaign spokesman Michael Tyler criticized Trump for releasing the video.

“This image from Donald Trump is the kind of crap you send when you call for bloodshed or when you tell the Proud Boys to ‘stand back and stand by,'” Tyler said. “Trump routinely incites political violence, and it’s time for people to take him seriously — just ask the Capitol Police officer who was attacked while defending our democracy on Jan. 6.”

The White House referred questions about the video to the campaign.

Trump has used violent imagery and rhetoric in the past, both in the 2024 presidential campaign and before.

On March 16, he he swore Speaking of the economy, if he is not re-elected, there will be a “pool of blood”. Last year, before the numerous accusations, Trump warned About the “potential death and destruction” if the Manhattan district attorney were to indict him in the hush money case.

He buyetcosrabbit An article on Truth Social with a picture of him with a baseball wound next to the head of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Post deleted.

Recently, Trump used the Truth Social platform to go after him Judge Juan Merchanoverseeing a hush money lawsuit, also after the judge’s daughter was hit with a partial gag order.

Trump’s faces four felony charges on allegations of election interference, mishandling of classified documents and falsification of business records related to hush money payments. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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