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Trump fundraising committee to use donations for legal bills

By 37ci3 Mar22,2024

A portion of donations to the newly formed Trump 47 joint fundraising committee will trickle down to Save America, a political action committee often used to cover the former president. Donald Trump Legal documents for donation contribution form obtained by NBC News.

The move shows a departure from the typical campaign donation trajectories. Donations to joint fundraising committees in the run-up to the general election traditionally filter to the candidate’s campaign, national party and state parties, not the leadership PAC.

But this year, donations to Trump 47 will be paid to the United States first The Trump campaignSave America PAC after a donor reaches the maximum campaign contribution limit.

Once an individual’s donations reach the maximum limit for both the campaign and Save America PAC, the Republican National Committee, followed by individual state Republican parties, will receive the funds.

The maximum annual contribution to Leadership PAC is $5,000. The contribution limit means that only a portion of major donors’ contributions will go to legal bills, while smaller contributors will see a higher percentage of their money go to legal bills rather than going to the RNC.

“Save America also includes a very active and robust post-presidential office and various other expenses not related to the fight against Crooked Joe Biden’s illegal witch hunts,” said Stephen Cheung, Trump’s campaign communications director.

“The Trump campaign, the RNC and state GOP parties ultimately receive the vast majority of funds raised through the Trump 47 Committee,” he said, noting that only a small portion of an individual donor’s total maximum contribution goes to Save America.

Four criminals are waiting for Trump indictments For allegations of conspiring to defraud the United States by misrepresenting the results of the 2020 presidential election, mishandling classified documents and falsifying business records related to noise payments. Trump pleaded not guilty in all cases.

The former president is also facing a number of civil legal challenges. He and his company were shot 464 million dollars A fraud verdict was issued in New York and Trump was ordered to pay $83 million in defamation to E. Jean Carroll. slander. There is Trump had difficulty raising funds to post bond for a civil fraud conviction against him was a “practical impossibility,” lawyers said, securing a nearly half-billion-dollar bond by next week’s deadline.

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