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Kamala Harris visits Puerto Rico for first time as vice president

By 37ci3 Mar22,2024

Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Puerto Rico on Friday afternoon to make her first visit to the US territory. sworn in three years ago.

According to his office, the purpose of the visit is to highlight President Joe Biden’s “commitment to support Puerto Rico’s recovery” after hurricanes, earthquakes and the Covid-19 pandemic — with a particular focus on promoting the administration’s investments in the island’s infrastructure and economy. recovery initiatives.

His 5-hour trip included a visit to an area in the town of Canovanas that received federal housing funds allocated by the Biden administration to rebuild the homes of nearly 6,000 families after Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Harris, the first Black vice president, is also celebrating the 151st anniversary of the abolition of slavery when Puerto Rico was under Spanish rule, along with community leaders and artists dedicated to celebrating the island’s cultural heritage and African influence.

People living in Puerto Rico cannot vote in presidential elections, even though they are US citizens by birth and not a US territory or state.

But political parties allow them to participate in primaries that help select presidential candidates.

In Puerto Rico, the primary elections for the Democratic Party are scheduled for April 28, and for the Republican Party on April 21.

About 6 million Puerto Ricans live in the US mainland, many in rival states like Florida and Pennsylvania. Biden-Harris supporters hope so He praises the victories of the Biden administration in Puerto Rico It could affect Latino voters of Puerto Rican heritage who live in the US mainland and can register to vote in presidential elections.

Charlie Rodriguez, president of the Democratic Party of Puerto Rico, told NBC News that he sees the vice president’s visit as a “reiteration of the president’s policy since he entered the White House, focusing on Puerto Rico during his term in office. .”

People in Puerto Rico often don’t always see how decisions made in Congress and the White House affect their daily lives, Rodriguez said, adding that investments in infrastructure and economic recovery under the Biden administration have allowed the country to revive. roads and decaying buildings, rebuilding the power grid, and expanding federal nutrition programs and education funds.

“They have an extraordinary impact,” he said. “That’s why we have to keep spreading that message.”

Harris’ visit comes a week after first lady Jill Biden visited Puerto Rico.

Harris’ visit also sparked protests, as dozens of Puerto Ricans, such as group spokeswoman Joseline Velásquez Jornada: Se Acabaron Las PromesasThey gathered near Condado in San Juan and blasted the Biden administration’s handling of and involvement in the conflict between Israel and Hamas In Gaza, he expressed his concerns about the US involvement in Haiti and his dissatisfaction with the recovery of Puerto Rico.

“It’s disrespectful,” Velásquez said Telemundo Puerto Rico in Spanish, adding that he believed the main purpose of Harris’ trip was to “walk the streets of Puerto Rico to raise funds for his election campaign.”

The political action committee of the Biden Victory Fund has organized an expected fundraiser at the home of Puerto Rican national newspaper investor Nicolas Prout. El Nuevo Día was the first to report.

Harris is expected to stop at the event before leaving the island, Rodriguez said.

Prouty, a native of New York, is best known in Puerto Rico as one of the 6,000 wealthy investors who moved to the island. after controversial tax breaks if they have obtained residency in Puerto Rico and live there at least half of the year.

But in political circles, Prouty is a longtime campaign donor; Federal Election Commission records show that Prouty has contributed to the campaigns of numerous Democratic candidates since at least 2008, including Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Fewer campaign contributions were made in favor of Republican candidates.

Rodriguez said it’s common practice for elected officials to take time off their official trips to attend a fundraiser, especially during an election year.

“There is no doubt that there are a number of people in Puerto Rico who are in a better position to give generous amounts and to make such donations within the limits allowed by federal law,” Rodriguez said in Spanish.

It is the US Government Accountability Office currently under investigation controversial tax benefits, known locally as Law 22After the four Democratic members of the House Natural Resources Committee They were asked to review parts of the Puerto Rico tax incentive law This could allow wealthy individuals and some businesses from the US mainland to avoid significant taxes.

The US Internal Revenue Service also said it was investigating About 100 high net worth individuals who attempts to evade US tax by taking advantage of a A controversial tax break in Puerto Rico without meeting the relevant requirements.

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