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No Labels creates a vetting committee to consider presidential candidates

By 37ci3 Mar15,2024

On Thursday, the third-party organization No Labels revealed the process it plans to use to select candidates for the presidential ticket in November’s general election and created a committee to vet candidates to face President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

“Today, No Labels is taking the next step to ensure that by announcing our process for selecting candidates for the union ticket,” said former Senator Joe Lieberman, chairman of No Labels.

The group will form a group called the Countrywide Party Committee to help vet potential candidates ahead of the No Labels virtual convention this spring. In a video the group released, it showed photos of several members of the committee, including No Labels attorney Dan Webb and national co-chair Ben Chavis, and Lieberman, who represented Connecticut in the Senate as a Democrat and then as an independent. he will also be a member of the inspection committee.

Lieberman’s statement also left open the possibility that No Labels would not find an acceptable ticket.

“If we find two candidates who meet our high threshold, we will recommend that ticket to No Labels delegates for a nomination vote at this spring’s national nominating convention,” Lieberman added.

“The committee will consider input from the No Labels community and serve as a representative in meeting with potential candidates,” he said in a video moderated by No Labels’ national convention chair, former Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings.

To be considered for the No Labels Unity Ticket, candidates must agree with the organization’s six core beliefs, Rawlings said, adding that “we care more about this country than the demands of any political party.”

Candidates must endorse key elements of the No Labels common sense policy manual. This booklet includes 30 ideas to address our nation’s most pressing challenges, from immigration and border security to budget reform and growing threats from abroad.”

Lieberman said in an interview with CNN on Thursday that a candidate could be announced as early as Thursday.

Last week, No Labels said it would “expedite” contact with a candidate after its delegates voted to nominate a ticket for November.

No Labels secured ballot positions in 16 states, including Arizona and Nevada.

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