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Kamala Harris visits Planned Parenthood clinic

By 37ci3 Mar15,2024

Vice President Kamala Harris toured a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota on Thursday, becoming the first person believed to be the president or vice president to visit the clinic. abortion services in US history.

Sources familiar with Harris Visiting St. Paul’s Clinic The vice president wants to make sure he meets with people directly affected by abortion policy and connects with them in their spaces, he told NBC News. Sources also said the visit was part of Harris’ broader strategy to travel and be on the ground with as many Americans as possible.

Harris, who has become a prominent voice on abortion in the Biden administration, said she made the trip to highlight the work that happens at such clinics and the need for women to have more access to reproductive health care. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

“These attacks on an individual’s right to make decisions about their own body in this environment are outrageous and, in many cases, just plain old immorality,” Harris said while standing in the lobby of the clinic. “How dare these elected leaders think they’re in a better position to tell women what they need, to tell women what’s in their best interest? We should be a nation that trusts women.”

Photo: Vice President Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris, Minn. Planned Parenthood in Paul is speaking out Thursday. Adam Bettcher / AP

Harris said he met about two dozen health workers while at the clinic and praised them for “providing health care in a safe place that gives people dignity.” He also said he specifically wanted to come to St. Paul because Roe v. After Wade was overturned, Minnesota staff cared for an influx of out-of-state patients as surrounding states restricted access to abortion.

“I’m here to elevate what’s happening in Minnesota at this health clinic as an example of what true leadership looks like,” he said.

“It is right and just that people have access to the health care they need and access to health care in an environment where they are treated with dignity and respect. And please understand that when we talk about a clinic like this, it’s all about health and reproductive health,” he added.

In 2013, then-President Barack Obama became the first president to speak about Planned Parenthood. But Obama made his comments not at one of his clinics, but at a Planned Parenthood conference in a hotel in Washington.

Minnesota was the sixth stop on Harris’ “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms” tour, when he signed Roe v. It began in January to push for more abortion access after Wade was overturned. Since the Supreme Court ruling, Harris has held numerous meetings with hundreds of lawmakers from more than 40 states, according to his office.

On Thursday, Harris emphasized that efforts to limit access to abortion put women’s lives at risk, denying them not only access to abortion services, but also other care provided by Planned Parenthood, including breast exams and Pap smears.

“We are facing a very serious health crisis in our country right now,” Harris said. “And the crisis is affecting many people in our country, most of whom are clearly suffering in silence.”

The vice president argued that Roe v. After the Wade dispute was overturned, “extremists have proposed and passed laws to deny women access to reproductive health care.”

Sarah Traxler, chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood North Central States, also spoke after Harris’ tour of the clinic.

“I am honored that Vice President Kamala Harris visited our clinic today,” he said. “This is a historic moment and demonstrates how important access to reproductive health care is for people and their families across the country.”

Planned Parenthood in Minnesota has seen a 25% increase in abortions and a nearly 100% increase in out-of-state patients seeking their services since the Supreme Court ruling, Traxler said.

“This is not accidental. “Surrounding states restrict and ban abortion, and Minnesota, with the help of our governor, has increased access since Roe was overturned,” Traxler said.

“I’ve cared for patients from states as close as South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, but as far away as Texas, Alabama, Wyoming, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, and the list goes on,” he said.

Harris has vowed to make federal abortion rights law if Democrats are given control of Congress and the White House.

“Elections are important,” the vice president said.

Abortion has become a top priority for Democrats November presidential elections. President Joe Biden highlighted the issue in his State of the Union address and pledged to work toward greater access to abortion. A number of polls have also shown that protecting abortion rights is a major concern of many voters.

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