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Hungary’s leader claims Trump told him he would cut off U.S. military aid to Ukraine

By 37ci3 Mar12,2024

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said about it new interview Former President Donald Trump told her that he would end US military aid to Ukraine in order to end the conflict with Russia.

In an interview published overnight by M1, a Hungarian state media organization, Orban said Trump’s plan was to “not give a penny” to Ukraine, saying the country “cannot stand on its own two feet.” NBC News reached out to the Trump campaign, which did not respond to a request for comment more than 24 hours later.

“He has a very clear point of view that is hard to disagree with. He says: First of all, he will not give a penny in the Ukraine-Russia war. Therefore, the war will end, because it is obvious that Ukraine will not be able to stand on its own feet,” Orban said. “If the Americans do not give money and weapons on par with the Europeans, then the war is over. Europeans alone cannot finance this war if the Americans do not give money. And then the war ended.”

Trump, who has repeatedly claimed that the conflict would never happen under his watch, has suggested in the past that he is not in favor of helping Ukraine defend itself against Russia. For example, in February, Trump said without specifically mentioning Ukraine by name, “No country should be given foreign aid unless it is done as a loan.”

Orbán’s comments follow he visited Trump at his Mar-a-Lago mansion Last Friday. “There is no better, smarter or better leader than Viktor Orban,” the former president told the crowd at a Palm Beach club.

As Hungary’s leader, Orbán has been critical of aid, including arms, to Ukraine and opposed NATO expansion. But at the beginning of this year, Hungary he gave up the opposition Allowing the European Union to use its budget to give Ukraine a $54 aid package. Like Trump, Orbán has a history of floating conspiracy theories.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is waiting for Congress to approve legislation to provide additional aid to Ukraine. NBC News reported last week that Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La. and the chairmen of key House national security committees have said they are trying to advance it, NBC News reported that House Republican leaders have so far decided not to bring such a measure up for a vote. own Ukraine aid package.

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