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Group submits signatures to recall Trump target Robin Vos in Wisconsin

By 37ci3 Mar12,2024

A group that aims to remember Robin VossSpeaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly and a prime target of the former president Donald TrumpHe said he has submitted the necessary number of signatures to move forward with the effort to oust the Republican leader.

Recall that Vos said that he collected more than 7,000 signatures required from voters in the Vos district. The deadline to apply for a recall attempt is Monday.

“I carry the vote of over 10,000 Racine County residents with me,” said Matt Snorek, the group’s recall petitioner, at a press conference outside the Wisconsin Elections Commission shortly before submitting the signatures. “Together, we challenge the status quo, which is governed by Speaker Robin Vos in the many ways it has failed us.”

Riley Vetterkind, a spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Elections Commission, confirmed that the group had submitted the signatures, but said the signatures had not yet been reviewed.

Members of the bipartisan commission are scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss the recall petition. A six-member panel will decide whether the petition is sufficient to call a recall election. An official targeted by a recall attempt may also file an objection within 10 days of the filing.

Vos did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday night.

Snorek said the petition was based in part on comments Vos made about Trump’s candidacy this year.

“I don’t think Robin Vos should work against him if he’s a conservative candidate, because in my opinion, that risks Joe Biden being elected here in 2024,” Snorek said.

Snorek also pointed to Vos’ lack of efforts to impeach the state’s top elections official. Meagan WolfeWisconsin Republicans have criticized him for his handling of the 2020 election. Wolfe also denounced the election fraud lies promoted by Trump and his allies in Wisconsin.

Vos, Wisconsin’s longest-serving speaker, has become a target of Trump and his supporters after Trump narrowly lost the battleground state in the 2020 general election. 20,000 votes. He rejected Trump’s call to reject the 2020 results please call In July 2022, he asked Trump to retroactively apply the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision restricted its use of absentee ballot boxes in future elections.

Vos had started a He is investigating the results of the elections under Trump’s pressurefound no evidence of widespread fraud.

Trump also endorsed challenger Adam Steen, fighting against Vos’ 2022 re-election bid. Vos in the end won that primary by 3 percentage points — the narrowest margin of his political career. He was re-elected speaker in 2022.

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