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AI gives Russia, China new tools to sow division in the U.S., undermine America’s image, intel agencies say

By 37ci3 Mar12,2024

Russia and China are seeking to undermine America’s image around the world and deepen divisions in US society, with artificial intelligence offering both regimes new tools to interfere in American politics and elections. US intelligence agencies.

“Russia is thinking about how the results of the 2024 US elections will affect the West’s support for Ukraine. will probably try to influence the elections in a way that best supports its interests and objectives,” the intelligence community said in its annual assessment of global threats.

According to an assessment submitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee, “Russia’s influencers have adapted their efforts to better hide their hands and may use new technologies such as generative artificial intelligence to improve their capabilities and reach Western audiences.” Monday.

Russia will continue to use information warfare to try to tear apart Western alliances, damage America’s global reputation, and “sow domestic discord, including among US constituencies and US partners around the world.”

As for China, the Beijing regime has embarked on a more ambitious intelligence campaign to expand its influence and undermine American power, with tactics similar to Russia’s approach.

“Beijing’s increasing efforts to actively exploit perceived US public divisions by using its online personas brings it closer to Moscow’s key playbook for influence operations,” he said. China “may try to influence the 2024 US election to some degree because of its desire to sideline China’s critics and widen US public divisions.”

Chinese government “actors have increased their ability to conduct covert influence operations and spread disinformation,” the assessment said. “TikTok accounts are controlled by the PRC [People’s Republic of China] The campaign arm is reportedly targeting candidates from both political parties during the 2022 US midterm election cycle.

China is now becoming more sophisticated in its influence efforts and is experimenting with artificial intelligence software, the report said.

Asked about foreign adversaries using artificial intelligence to spread disinformation ahead of the 2024 election, FBI Director Christopher Wray said, “AI is something that all of our most important adversaries are seriously considering to enhance their efforts.”

He added: “We’ve seen it used in a variety of settings. Whether or not this was specifically used to target voters, I’m not sure I can say. But we are actively concerned that this is the latest wrinkle in a long-standing effort to engage in information warfare.”

When questioned by Sen. Marco Rubio about the potential threat posed by TikTok, Wray acknowledged that TikTok’s US affiliate could be directed by the Chinese government to use algorithms that could target certain political candidates in US elections.

“That’s my understanding,” Wray said.

Democratic Chairman of the Intelligence Committee Mark Warner of Virginia has warned that a number of American adversaries are spreading disinformation ahead of elections in the United States and dozens of other countries this year.

“And I am deeply concerned that democracy, including in the United States, is under greater threat than ever from these foreign enemies. Given what’s at stake in Ukraine, bad actors like Russia are particularly motivated to intervene,” Warner said at the hearing.

IranThe intelligence assessment says that the United States, which has forged closer ties with Russia since Moscow’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, is expected to continue its information operations to sow division in the United States, including interfering in the 2024 election.

“Iran will continue its malign influence operations in the Middle East and elsewhere, including attempts to undermine US political processes and fuel conflict.”

“Ahead of the 2024 US elections, Iran may attempt to conduct influence operations targeting US interests, including the US elections, as it has demonstrated its willingness and ability to do so in the past.”

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