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Trump wins North Dakota Republican caucus on eve of Super Tuesday

By 37ci3 Mar5,2024

Former President Donald Trump scored another victory in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination, defeating former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in the North Dakota Republican caucuses on Monday, NBC News projects.

The contest in North Dakota was the last contest before Super Tuesday 2024 presidential nomination calendar with the most representatives at stake.

Haley won just one GOP nomination contest so far – in Washington, DC – but won other delegates from early voting states.

If Trump wins at least 60% of the state’s vote, he will take all 29 of North Dakota’s GOP delegates. If he doesn’t, the delegates will be divided proportionally between the former president and Haley based on the popular vote.

North Dakota Democrats will hold a presidential election on March 30.

On Tuesday, 865 delegates, or 36% of all delegates in the race, will be at stake in more than a dozen states.

Before this summer’s Republican National Convention, the candidate who wins the majority of party delegates – 1,215 out of 2,429 total delegates – will be the nominee.

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