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Bruce Willis’ wife slams headline that said actor has ‘no more joy’

By 37ci3 Mar4,2024

Emma Heming Willis calls out a “clickbait headline” describing her husband Bruce Willis as “no longer happy”, saying such a claim is “far from the truth” and “stop scaring people”.

The famous “Die Hard” actor retired from acting after he was diagnosed in March 2022. aphasia it affected his cognitive abilities. His family announced in February 2023 that he was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

Hemingway Willis said in a Video on Instagram about On Sunday, she was “triggered” after coming across a clickbait headline that “basically said there’s no more joy in my husband.”

“I can tell you that’s far from the truth,” he said. “One hundred percent, there’s sadness and grief, it’s all there. But you’re starting a new chapter… it’s full of love, connection, joy, happiness.”

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis in New York
Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis in 2019. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images file

While she didn’t share which publication she was captioning, she said: “I need community and whoever writes these stupid headlines, stop scaring people, stop scaring people that once they’re diagnosed with some kind of neurocognitive disorder, that’s it, it’s over.”

She commented: “There is so much beauty and vitality in this story,” adding: “People who don’t take the time to properly educate themselves about any neurocognitive disorder.”

Frontotemporal dementia, also known as FTD, is an “umbrella term” for a group of brain disorders that affect the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain and are commonly associated with personality, behavior and language. Mayo Clinic. Symptoms range from dramatic changes in personality to loss of language ability.

Although there is no cure for FTD, medications can improve quality of life National Institute on Aging.

Hemingway Willis opened NBC’s “TODAY” show last fall about how his family is dealing with Willis’ diagnosis.

“What I’ve learned is that dementia is hard. It is difficult for the person diagnosed, and it is difficult for the family. And it’s no different for Bruce, me or our girls,” she said.

The couple has two young daughters. Bruce Willis, 68, has three adult daughters with his first wife, Demi Moore.

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