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Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects Democratic challenge to congressional redistricting

By 37ci3 Mar2,2024

In a victory for Republicans on Friday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected a Democratic bid for state rehearing. congressional maps laws signed last month.

The summary order did not state the reasoning the majority of the courtnor did it specify the position of each of the seven members.

The decision has ramifications for this year’s congressional elections in the swing state, where Republicans hold six of the eight seats in the House of Representatives.

Democrats used to be argued The state’s high court must request “new congressional map proposals from parties consistent with Wisconsin law.”

“Granting such relief would fulfill this Court’s constitutional duty to independently adjudicate the validity of Wisconsin’s congressional maps; Failure to act would double down on a now-discredited legal principle and subject Wisconsin voters to a full decade under Congressional maps that have no basis in Wisconsin law,” the petition, filed earlier this year, says.

The maps were selected by the court March 2022 and was signed into law in February By Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.

Conservative Justice Rebecca Grassle Bradley blasted the court’s liberals Friday, writing that the majority’s “reckless abandonment” of legal precedent “encourages litigants to bring politically divisive cases to this court, regardless of their legal merit.”

“Even if the court rightfully denied this motion, it likely won’t be long before the new majority reasserts its political power to advance its partisan agenda, despite the damage to judicial independence and integrity,” he said.

Chief Justice Annette Kingsland Ziegler, a conservative, concurred.

Justice Janet Protasiewicz did not participate in the ruling, according to the filing. It was Protasiewicz selected Giving the Liberals a majority on the bench in 2023.

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By 37ci3

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