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New York man who fatally shot woman after her friends pulled into wrong driveway is sentenced to 25 years to life

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a convicted New York man He killed a 20-year-old woman He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison on Friday after he and other youths mistakenly pulled him into the driveway of his home.

It was Kevin Monahan was sentenced in January Second-degree murder, reckless endangerment and forgery in the April 15 death of Kaylyn Gillis, who was killed by Monahan, 40, when she pulled into the driveway of a car she was passing, as well as another car and a motorcycle. A mile north of Albany, they were looking for a party.

The group was lost and in an area of ​​New York with no cell service.

Blake Walsh and Kaylin Gillis.
Blake Walsh and Kaylin Gillis.Courtesy Blake Walsh

There was Monahan testified in court he said he felt threatened by cars and a motorcycle coming into his path and thought he was blocked. He said he turned on a searchlight, grabbed a .20-caliber shotgun and fired a warning shot. The second shot that Monahan fired, killing Gillis, was accidental after knocking out nails sticking out of his deck.

In court, Monahan said he felt like “my soul died.”

He was also given a lesser consecutive sentence for tampering with evidence.

Gillis’ boyfriend, Blake Walsh, told NBC News a few days after the shooting when the group heard gunshots, they realized they were in the wrong house and were driving away.

Walsh, who was driving a Ford Explorer, said he tried to hit the gas and that’s when the fatal shots came.

Gillis was pronounced dead several miles away after the group called 911. Walsh said he was shot in the neck. The group said they had to drive 5 miles due to lack of cell service.

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