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Pope Francis taken to hospital after suffering from the flu

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Pope Francis, suffering from the fluThe pope was taken to a hospital in central Rome after hearing an audience on Wednesday, the Vatican said. The Vatican did not immediately comment on his condition.

According to the news agency ANSA, the 87-year-old pontiff was seen arriving at the Gemelli hospital on Tiber Island in the Italian capital in a small white Fiat 500 and leaving again shortly after in the same car under escort.

“After the general audience, Pope Francis went to the Gemelli Isola Tiberina Hospital for some diagnostic tests,” the Vatican said. “Eventually he went back to the Vatican.”

Pope Francis at the Vatican
Pope Francis during an audience at the Vatican on Wednesday.Tiziana Fabi / AFP – Getty Images

Earlier in the day, Francis, who was in a wheelchair, was pushed into the audience hall of the Vatican. He looked exhausted as he slumped in his seat, Reuters reported. The agency added that in recent weeks, he had walked a short distance to his chair.

Francis, who has been battling mild flu symptoms for the past week, canceled meetings on Saturday and Monday, but appeared as usual from a window overlooking St Peter’s Square for the Sunday blessing.

In April, the Pope spent three days in the Gemelli Hospital after the Vatican announced that he had bronchitis. He was discharged after receiving intravenous antibiotics.

In recent years, the pope has had a number of health problems. In late November, he was forced to cancel some activities and an international trip due to respiratory problems. A scan at the time ruled out lung complications.

Pope Francis, suffering from the flu, was brought to a hospital in central Rome on Wednesday in a small white Fiat 500 followed by a papal entourage and left shortly afterwards in the same car.
The vehicle carrying Pope Francis leaves the Gemelli Isola Tiberina Hospital in Rome on Wednesday.Andrew Medicini / AP

There was Francis part of a lung removed when he was young and still living in his native Argentina.

He also spent 10 days in Gemelli in July 2021 following intestinal surgery for a narrowing of the intestine. He was readmitted in June for surgery to repair an abdominal hernia and remove scars from previous surgeries.

But when asked about his health in a recent television interview, Francis quipped: “He’s still alive, you know.”

However, the pontiff has said on several occasions that, following the example of his predecessor Benedict XVI, he would be prepared to step down if his health deteriorates to the extent that it prevents him from leading the Catholic Church.

Benedict’s resignation in 2013 marked a turning point for the church, as he became the first pontiff to resign in six centuries.

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