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Colorado murder suspect had threatened to kill roommate who complained about state of their dorm, affidavit says

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The murders A Colorado college student and a woman According to a court document unsealed Friday, a week ago, conflicts broke out between roommates at a campus dormitory.

One of the roommates’ arguments was taking out the trash, according to a police detective’s affidavit filed in support of his arrest. Nicholas Trevon Jordan25, a student at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Jordan, 25, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the Feb. 16 deaths of his dorm roommates, Samuel Knopp, 24, and Celie Rain Montgomery, 26, at the Crestone House residence halls.

Friday’s unsealed affidavit cited an interview with another roommate of Jordan and Knopp, who said Knopp collected a bag of trash in January and placed it near the defendant’s door, prompting death threats.

“Mr. Jordan threatened Mr. Knopp and told him he would ‘kill’ him and that there would be consequences if Mr. Jordan was asked to take out the trash again,” the affidavit said.

The incident was included in at least one of three complaints Knopp filed with campus police and housing officials on Jan. 9, the document states.

He and his roommate, Knopp, who reported the Feb. 16 shooting and hid in his locked room until police arrived, complained about Jordan’s dorm cleanliness and that he smoked marijuana in her room and “created an unsafe living environment,” the affidavit said.

Campus police and housing officials confirmed receiving the complaints.

The day before the shooting, Jordan applied to leave his classes and campus housing.

On Feb. 16, security video captured an unidentified man entering the dormitory complex just before 6 a.m., an entry consistent with Jordan’s use of a complex key card, the affidavit said. About 14 minutes later, someone was seen running out of the same door.

Jordan, of Detroit, was arrested Monday in the Colorado Springs area, police said. According to the court’s decision, he was held on a bond of 5 million dollars.

His public defender did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Knopp had studied music and was due to perform a high-class recital on March 21. In a video of his small recital, Knopp performs a range of styles, including jazz and classic rock, on stage at the university’s Ent Center for the Arts’ Chapman Foundation Recital Hall. it looked like a hollow body electric guitar.

Montgomery is enrolled at Pueblo Community College for one semester in 2020 to study culinary arts, the organization said. His relationship to Knopp, if any, was unclear.

Jordan’s case is scheduled for a status hearing on March 15; A preliminary hearing is set for March 27, according to El Paso County District Court records.

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