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President’s brother, James Biden, testifies behind closed doors in impeachment probe

By 37ci3 Feb21,2024

The House Oversight and Judiciary committees are holding a closed-door transcribed interview with President Joe Biden’s brother. James BidenWednesday morning in the frame Republican impeachment inquiry against the president.

Republicans have focused on James Biden’s business dealings, including loans to his brother while Joe Biden was out of office, and whether the president had any hand in his brother’s business dealings or used his influence to their advantage. The committees did not provide evidence for their claims.

James Biden’s interview comes a week before the president’s son, Hunter Biden, appeared for a transcribed interview on February 28. Interview by Hunter Biden a dispute that lasted for months Between the Republicans and the president’s son regarding the logistics of his testimony to Congress.

James Biden, who appeared for an interview Wednesday morning, was asked by NBC News what he planned to tell the committees, and he replied, “The truth.”

His attorney did not immediately return a request for comment Wednesday morning.

The interview of the president’s brother comes a day after prosecutors said former FBI informant charged with perjury Information about the president and Hunter Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign, including what he claimed came from “officials connected to Russian intelligence,” giving from prosecutors on Tuesday.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., challenged James and Hunter Biden in November. The committee said it obtained financial documents that allege Biden family members set up more than 20 shell companies, most of which were created when Joe Biden was vice president, to cover up payments from foreign enemies. Comer, who accused the Biden family of engaging in “shady business practices,” did not provide concrete evidence that the transactions involved wrongdoing or the president’s business dealings.

The committee was also in the spotlight $200,000 loan He said that the president gave his brother in 2018 and James Biden’s lawyers were returned, saying that the president’s brother never involved him in business deals.

The White House has repeatedly pushed back on allegations of wrongdoing by the president, citing a lack of evidence provided by Republicans to support their claims against the Biden family.

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